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Web & tech industry banter with Keir Whitaker & Kieran Masterton

The BTFS Club

Thanks to everyone who joined the BTFS Club. We are currently closed for new applications but may dream it up again in 2019!

Friends, Rogues, Devs, & FEDs

Alex O’Byrne

The man in possession of the best hair in Leather Lane. International speaker on all things ecommerce. Fan of thermal insulation and chilli sauce. Living life in black and white on Instagram.


Cat Hunter

A bird called Cat with a dog called Mouse. Swimmer of rivers and skater with Bath Roller Derby Girls. Works at Shopify.


Christopher Murphy

A designer, writer and speaker, doer of all the things, and purveyor of a fine line of bespoke conference shirts. Explores the design of business and the business of design at Tiny Books. Often found with a “wee” pint in hand!


Craig Cooper

Professional Northerner residing in the city of lights — Blackpool. HubSpot certified and a fine pub companion. In possession of an encyclopaedic knowledge of engine components new and old. Never knowingly spotted in “that London”.


Craig Lockwood

Welsh royalty often referred to as simply HRH. Fingers in many pies, usually beef. The man behind numerous conferences, startups, and currently focusing on helping ecommerce merchants. Also a dab hand with the IOT and an Arduino. Mentioned in virtually every episode.


David McCann

Techie, ideas man and sometime ukulele player. Fan of the beautiful game and podcast snob. Currently working as Head of Digital Communications at the Open University Students Association.


John Sonmez

John Sonmez is personal development coach for software developers. His passion is helping software developers, not only achieve their goals in all areas of their lives, but learn how to be happy and enjoy the journey. John is the author of the best-selling book, “Soft Skills: The Software Developers Life Manual” and produces, blog posts, videos, podcasts and training courses.


Luke Rhys Melvin

Drinker of beer, designer & developer of things, lover of all things tech and photographer of … well, anything! Owner of Luke Ryhs Photography


Marc Roberts

Owner of a coat more famous, and more pimp, than himself. One half of the Neutron Boys and a highly talented dev. Frequenter of cocktail lounges and in possession of an encyclopaedic knowledge of the best lunch and coffee spots in Londonium. He’s a human Foursquare and mayor of his own domain. See also episodes 20 and 32.


Marc Thiele

Founder and head honcho at beyond tellerrand, an event series where designers, developers, and other creative minds meet and exchange. Seen around the globe with camera in hand.


Matt Willmott

Long-time friend of the show! Designer and front-end developer, usually found working on a Shopify store. Has a penchant for winning Back To Front Show competitions.


Mike Kus

Universally known as Kus. Dabbles in Instagram, illustration, and web design. Partial to an Americano and a pint, not always together. Far too frequently mentioned on the show.


Neil Kinnish

The dark lord of the IO domain and founder of many startups. Hugely talented web dev previously resident in a garage now calling Bath home. Usually responsible for the Windows version.


Oliver Lindberg

Editor of net mag and curator of Generate Conf. Tweets and writes about web design, development, UX, content strategy & more. Frequently lost #lostwithlindberg!


Richard Wiggins

The man known in the trade as The Real Wiggo™. Cyclist, Mercedez driver, cocktail aficionado, web designer, and founder of MK Geek Night. He’ll always be a 9.5!


Sean Johnson

Designer, burger aficionado, coffee fiend, old-skool raver and regular behind the “wheels of steel”. Also responsible for the Back to Front Show branding.


Sir Gavin Ballard

Australian founder of Disco Labs and Knight of the Shopify realm. Quietly killing it down under and consistently ten hours ahead of the game. See also episode 42.



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