Episode #005

The Back to Front Show was An almost bi-weekly web focused podcast with a good tangent hosted by Keir Whitaker & Kieran Masterton

Show Notes

Thanks again to Handheld Conference for supporting that weeks episode. It was a conference focusing on “big ideas for small devices” taking place in Cardiff, UK on November 27th – 28th.

That week they focused on Yahoo!’s decision to ban remote working, executing ideas, deep dish pizza and automagical open source cocktails.

  • Handheld Conference
  • Richard Wiggins
  • Shopify workshops and meetups
  • Keir’s Responsive Day Out roundup
  • Responsive Day Out audio
  • Responsive GA
  • Enquire.js
  • Contents data protection
  • DHH on Yahoo! remote working
  • Daniel Howells on Yahoo! remote working
  • The Yahoo! yodel
  • Execute book
  • Drew Wilson
  • Josh Long
  • Pictos
  • Spacebox
  • Sanebox
  • Patxi’s San Francisco
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon
  • Aaron Robbs & Mark DiCristina — Pizza enthusiasts
  • Bartendro
  • Diffords Guide to cocktails

This episode was 50:05 minutes in length

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