Episode – #019

The Back to Front Show was a weekly web industry focused podcast hosted by Keir Whitaker & Kieran Masterton

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Annual Awards Special

Show Notes

It was the end of year Back to Front Show awards special. An opinionated, and occasionally tongue in cheek, look back over the last year in which they celebrate the events, the trends, the people, the apps, the podcasts, the magazines and the books that had made 2013 a great year. They also had details of their first ever guest co-host who joined Keir in December!

Award Categories

Winners were linked up in a few weeks time *

  • Conference/event of the year
  • Side project of the year
  • Podcast of the year
  • Magazine of the year
  • Book of the year
  • “Blogger who you wished blogged more” of the year
  • Hipster Web Site of the year (AKA the moustache wax award for web ingenuity)
  • Dog related tech product of the year
  • Team of the year
  • Man of the year
  • Woman of the year
  • Trend of the year
  • “And finally…” of the year
  • We really want you to listen to find out!

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