Episode – #17

The Back to Front Show

Web & tech industry banter with Keir Whitaker & Kieran Masterton
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Frost on Speaking

Show Notes

This episode was kindly supported by Squarespace, the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website or online portfolio.

In this episode they discussed Google’s foray into the IDE land, Brad Frost’s great post on speaking, Ace Hotel’s unique approach to web marketing and finished it with the first use of the word p**n on the show. Rest assured it was 100% SFW.

  • Hyper Island
  • Kieran’s wood burner
  • Overcast
  • Google Web Designer (Beta)
  • Valve release Steam OS & Steam Machines
  • Squarespace Stories
  • On Speaking by Brad Frost
  • Jam Factory
  • Ace Hotel’s Thoughtful E-commerce Curation
  • Cabin Porn
  • Cabin Porn Supplies

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