Episode – #21

The Back to Front Show

Web & tech industry banter with Keir Whitaker & Kieran Masterton
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Happy New Year

Show Notes

In this episode, Kieran was back and they finally wished each other a happy new year. This episode they tried and got to the bottom of why they weren’t nominated for a Net Award.

They asked the other burning question of the week, that being is Harry Roberts (the one and only CSS Wizard) really under 25. They also managed to chat about some of the recent happenings in the web industry. It was good to see them back.

  • Net Awards
  • Goodbye Editorially
  • 37signals becomes Basecamp
  • The Profitable Side Project
  • MK Geek Night All Dayer
  • Twitter for Machines
  • Ownercamp
  • Flappy Birds MMO

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