The 2014 BAFTAS 19.12.2014

Show Notes

It’s that time of the year when we look back on the past 12 months and dish out our (cough, cough) highly prized awards! This year in the 2014 BAFTAS we have eight categories and round off the show with a little bit of crystal ball gazing in which we both make our predictions for 2015.

Without further ado here are the categories and winners:

  1. The award for not being a very good year in the industry: 2014
  2. Conference/event of the year: Web Teaching Day & Beyond Tellerrand Berlin
  3. Podcast of the year: Startup
  4. Most hyped app of the year: Slack
  5. Man of the year: Sean McCabe
  6. Woman of the year: Rachel Andrew
  7. Trend of the year: Privacy & Security
  8. Foo Bar of the year: #VATMOSS

Happy holidays to our all listeners. We really do appreciate including us in your weekly audio listening. See you in 2015.