The Joys & Perils of Remote Working 17.01.2015

Show Notes

In a change to the announced billing, an impromptu early morning phone call made us think a chat about remote working might be in order. As many of us fight the January blues, and inevitable bout of illness that the new year often brings, it felt a timely opportunity to discuss the good, and the bad, aspects of working from a distance.

Topics we discuss include:

  • How does working remotely affect us?
  • What we both like and dislike about it
  • How much real work you achieve per day
  • The importance of “banter”
  • Is the reality like the dream?
  • A typical day for remote working?
  • Do we put extra pressure on ourselves to output more as we are not in the office?
  • How to feel part of the company you work for

And finally for those Nabaztag doubters out there you can read the full history of the internet enabled rabbit on Wikipedia!

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