Episode – #40

The Back to Front Show

Web & tech industry banter with Keir Whitaker & Kieran Masterton

The Big 40!

Show Notes

Three years ago kier and Kieran started this little adventure called The Back to Front Show. Since then they’ve somehow managed to record 39 shows. Not the best of averages but who’s counting?

In their milestone 40th show, they discussed the cake that never happened, Keir’s favourite new TV show, standing desks and ended with a discussion that starts with Sarah Parmenter’s recent blog post and ends with thoughts on specialisation.

  • Waitrose Caterpillar Cake
  • Tattoo Fixers
  • The $25 Oristand Standing Desk
  • The Elephant in the Room
  • Vitaly from Smashing Magazine’s response
  • The Passable Designer

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