Episode – #49

The Back to Front Show

Web & tech industry banter with Keir Whitaker & Kieran Masterton

Kieran’s Tiny House Dream

Show Notes

In this episode, they learn all about “New Kieran” — new job, new house, and a new laptop. They also discussed a great post on lessons learned running a subscription-based newsletter, discussed Hanno’s great online playbooks for remote working and ended on a new Maus that neither of them wanted.

  • Nalgene Water Bottle
  • The Fall Guy with Lee Majors
  • New Adventures is Back!
  • What I Learned over a Year of Asking Users for Money for the First Time
  • Instead Of Focusing On Growth, We Want To Focus On Enough: Our Journey To 330
  • Get Revue — Editorial Newsletter Tool for Writers and Publishers
  • Hanno Remote Team Playbooks
  • The Lofree Maus
  • The Baron Fig Bolt

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