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Which Is The Best Gaming Startup? Best 19 Ranked!

Are you wondering if gaming startups are worth the hype? You’re in the right place. I’ve immersed myself in the world of gaming startups, and this article is your go-to guide. Let me share with you insights and experiences that cut through the noise, making this the ultimate read on gaming startups.

Which Is The Best Gaming Startup?


ZEBEDEE, a FinTech company, is revolutionizing the modern gaming industry by integrating real-money transactions into games, with a focus on Bitcoin rewards. 

The company’s app, designed to enhance game retention and engagement, has attracted a highly engaged community of over 1 million users and more than 50,000 gamers. 

Game studios implementing ZEBEDEE’s platform have witnessed immediate business impacts, notably in revenue per daily active user and user retention. 

Future plans for ZEBEDEE are ambitious, encompassing more games, new product features, seamless bank account integration, and significant partnerships in the gaming industry.

2. Bright Star Studios

Founded in 2018 and based in Aarhus, Denmark, Bright Star Studios is known for developing “Ember Sword,” a cross-platform, player-centric, free-to-play fantasy game. 

The studio’s approach to gaming, accessible via mobile, desktop, and tablets, has already garnered more than 42,000 player sessions across various playtests. 

Bright Star Studios is gearing up for significant developments set to unfold in the first quarter of 2024, indicating a promising future for their gaming offerings.

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3. Quell

Quell is a unique fitness gaming platform that offers an immersive first-person fitness game, “Shardfall,” designed to be played anywhere. 

The platform cleverly makes users forget the rigor of their workout by immersing them in a fantasy world. Quell’s system, capable of burning 600 kCal per hour, incorporates real resistance, next-gen motion recognition, and powerful haptics. 

The platform takes a gamified approach to fitness with specially designed resistance bands, blending active gaming with an intense workout experience. With more titles planned for the future, Quell is redefining the intersection of gaming and fitness.

4. Splash

Splash Inc., established through the acquisitions of RunYourPool and OfficeFootballPool, is a leading sports gaming platform for peer-to-peer contests. 

With nearly 2.5 million active annual users, Splash Inc. stands out with its unique business model aimed at growth without the burdensome customer acquisition costs and expensive marketing deals typical in the gaming industry. 

Notably, Splash has formed a collaboration with the NBA, marking its first partnership with a major U.S. league.

5. Stardust

Stardust offers a comprehensive platform that maximizes the potential of blockchain gaming, providing developers with a fast, flexible, and secure development environment. It allows for building on the most suitable blockchain and the flexibility to switch as needed. 

Stardust’s scalable managed solution supports developers from inception, allowing them to grow to millions of concurrent players. 

The platform supports common ERC protocols like ERC-721 and ERC-1155 and offers Wallets-as-a-service for streamlined game development and player onboarding. 

Stardust also facilitates NFT management, marketplace monetization, and aids in user acquisition with high-performance campaigns, promoting the growth of Web3 games.

6. GamingMonk

GamingMonk, based in New Delhi, is an eSports gaming company renowned for organizing both online and offline eSports events. 

Catering to a diverse range of platforms including PC, Console, and Mobile, the company has made a significant impact in the eSports sector. 

With a total funding of $900K over three funding rounds, GamingMonk achieved a valuation of $2.63M. On April 20, 2021, GamingMonk was acquired by Mobile Premier League (MPL), though the details of the transaction remain undisclosed. 

Notably, GamingMonk has conducted tournaments in over 8 cities in India and launched an online eSports portal in August 2017, demonstrating its expansive reach in the gaming community.

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CEEK is an innovative platform that revolutionizes content distribution and monetization for creators, particularly in the music industry. 

It allows for the tokenization of smart tickets, enabling tracking and verification of ticket and digital asset sales on the blockchain. 

CEEK creates new revenue streams for artists, allowing direct engagement and monetization of their fanbase through CEEK tokens, which facilitate real-time artist payments. 

Its NFT marketplace offers creators a space to create and trade digitized assets online, including collectibles and exclusive content. 

Moreover, CEEK’s immersive VR experiences extend to virtual venues like theaters, concert arenas, and sports complexes, enhancing the digital entertainment experience.

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8. Twitch

Twitch, a subsidiary of, Inc., is a prominent American video live-streaming service specializing in video game live streaming. 

The platform focuses on esports competitions, individual player streams, and gaming-related talk shows. In 2022, Twitch generated an impressive revenue of approximately $2.8 billion. 

The platform’s engagement metrics are noteworthy, with an average of 2.58 million concurrent viewers and 7.6 million monthly streamers. 

In 2022, Twitch users consumed a total of 22.4 billion hours of content, highlighting its significant presence and influence in the live-streaming and gaming communities.

9. Allwyn North America

Allwyn North America, a subsidiary of the multinational lottery operator Allwyn, plays a significant role in the North American and European markets. 

The company focuses on providing advanced technology, games, and services to streamline lottery operations. Following its rebranding from Camelot Illinois to Allwyn North America, the company aims to enhance its brand recognition in the North American lottery market. 

Despite the rebranding, the management team, business focus, products, and services remain unchanged. Allwyn North America continues to achieve remarkable results for the Illinois Lottery, setting records in annual sales and contributions to educational and charitable causes.

10. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll, founded in 2006 by a group of University of California, Berkeley graduates, is a pioneer in the subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service industry. Owned by Sony Group Corporation, Crunchyroll primarily focuses on distributing East Asian media, particularly Japanese anime. 

The service has amassed over 100 million registered users globally, making it a major player in the streaming world. 

Crunchyroll’s accessibility is a key strength, as it is available on a variety of platforms including game consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch), mobile devices (iOS/iPadOS, Android), Smart TVs (Samsung, Sony), and media players (Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV). This broad platform availability ensures that Crunchyroll’s diverse content is readily accessible to a wide audience.

11. 2K

2K, an American video game publisher based in Novato, California, was established in January 2005 as a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive. 

The company has made a significant mark in the gaming industry by publishing titles across various genres, including shooters, action, RPGs, strategy, sports, casual, and family entertainment. 

2K is renowned for its critically acclaimed franchises such as BioShock, Borderlands, Mafia, NBA 2K, PGA TOUR 2K, Sid Meier’s Civilization, WWE 2K, and XCOM. 

The company’s global presence is marked by offices across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia, underscoring its influence and reach in the gaming world.

12. Child Mind Institute

The Child Mind Institute is dedicated to addressing children’s mental health and learning disorders. 

This organization provides invaluable resources and guidance on topics such as internet addiction, social media usage, video game limits, and the impact of phones on concentration. 

Recognizing the importance of healthy screen time limits, the Child Mind Institute offers practical tips for parents to monitor and manage their children’s digital activities. 

This approach is crucial in helping parents navigate the challenges of modern digital life and ensure the well-being of their children in an increasingly online world.

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13. Roblox

Roblox, founded in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, is a groundbreaking online platform and game creation system. It allows users to design, create, and play a vast array of games developed by other users. 

Renowned for its user-generated content, Roblox is especially popular among younger audiences. 

The platform supports diverse game genres and features a virtual economy, where players use Robux, Roblox’s virtual currency, to buy, sell, and create virtual items. 

Roblox places a strong emphasis on user safety and community standards, offering various tools and resources to help parents ensure a secure and positive gaming environment for children.

14. SEGA of America

SEGA of America, Inc., a subsidiary of Japan-based Sega Enterprises, Ltd., is a prominent name in the American video game market. 

Overseeing operations in Canada, Mexico, and the United States, SEGA of America markets and distributes Genesis home video game systems, Game Gear handheld portable video game systems, and Sega CD systems. 

The company’s heritage can be traced back to two companies founded in Japan during the 1950s by Americans — Service Games Company and Rosen Enterprises.

15. Mistplay

Mistplay is a distinctive loyalty platform designed for gamers to play games, earn rewards, and connect with friends. 

The platform offers a rewarding experience for players, allowing them to earn units for longer playtimes, which can be redeemed for various rewards like Amazon and Google Play gift cards, or even Paypal cash. 

Mistplay stands out with its weekly contests and a grand prize offered in the final contest of each month, adding an extra layer of excitement for its users.

16. SciPlay

SciPlay, a leader in the digital gaming sector, specializes in developing and publishing captivating free-to-play games for mobile and web platforms. Previously the Social division of Scientific Games, SciPlay became an independent entity in 2019. 

The company is known for its engaging and interactive mobile games, which are played by millions of people daily. 

SciPlay’s approach combines data-driven strategies and advanced game economics with high-quality content, delivering an exhilarating gaming experience globally. 

Their portfolio includes casual, and bingo games that mirror the authentic essence of major brands, offering players hours of fun, exciting prizes, and a vibrant community.

17. PrizePicks

PrizePicks, founded in 2015 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, operates in the sports and gaming industry with a focus on Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). 

The platform allows sports fans to make real-money predictions on player stats, offering a unique twist to traditional DFS by playing against the numbers rather than each other. Covering a wide range of sports, PrizePicks is designed for simplicity and accessibility. 

The company has earned significant recognition, being named the 2021 Fantasy Sports Business of the Year and the Fastest-Growing Sports Company in America in the 2022 Inc. 5000 List. PrizePicks is widely available in the United States, including major markets such as Texas, Florida, and Georgia.

18. TMS Entertainment

TMS Entertainment, which began its journey in the animation industry in 1964, has established itself as a prominent player in the field. 

The company, along with its various subsidiaries like TMS Entertainment USA, INC., TMS Entertainment Europe SAS, and TMSLab, has produced a range of notable animations. 

Some of their acclaimed works include “Detective Conan,” “AnPanMan,” “Hamtaro,” and “Lupin the Third,” each contributing to the company’s reputation for high-quality animation production.

19. Cloud Chamber

Cloud Chamber, an American video game developer based in Novato, California, with a studio in Montréal, Québec, was founded by Kelley Gilmore on December 9, 2019. 

Operating as a division of 2K, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Cloud Chamber is currently developing the next entry in the BioShock series. 

The team comprises veteran BioShock developers and expert game makers from various other notable projects. 

Cloud Chamber’s mission is to create new, undiscovered worlds and their stories, showcasing their commitment to innovation and storytelling in game development.

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