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Top 11 Home Depot Competitors That You Should Check Out

Home Depot has long been a leading competitor in the home improvement industry. But with an ever-changing market, it’s important to recognize the other businesses that are challenging its dominance.

In this article, we’ll explore who is competing against Home Depot and how they’re staying ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation!

Top 11 Home Depot Competitors

When it comes to the home improvement industry, Home Depot tries to hold its crown against giant rivals such as Lowes.com, True Value, Ace Hardware, Walmart, and Build.

Let’s get right into today’s top 11 Home Depot rivals!


Walmart is one of Home Depot’s main competitors. They are the world’s largest retailer and run a large chain of discount stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets in over 27 countries around the globe.

With its vast network, Walmart is able to offer consumers an unbeatable range of products at cheaper prices than most other retailers. At Walmart, customers can find anything from groceries to electronics with just a few clicks or a quick trip to their local store.

What’s more, they have recently rolled out several initiatives that add value for shoppers such as same-day delivery services on some items, free shipping options for orders above certain amounts, and home installation services for larger purchases like furniture and appliances. These features make shopping with them even more convenient and cost-effective.

To sum up, Walmart has become an integral part of many households through its wide selection of products, competitive pricing strategy, and innovative customer service programs.

From organic fruits to smart TVs – there’s something for everyone! And thanks to these factors, this retail giant generates billions in revenue every year while staying ahead of the competition!


Walmart may have been the first to revolutionize retail, but now Costco has taken up the torch and is blazing a trail of transformation like never before.

They are shaking things up with unprecedented pricing models and cutting-edge technology that keeps them ahead of the competition.

From their innovative subscription model offering unbeatable discounts on bulk items to their unparalleled customer service, there’s no doubt that Costco is making waves in the industry and setting new standards for what it means to be an innovator in retail.

With its revolutionary approach to business strategy, Costco has become a force to be reckoned with – one that customers can’t help but admire!

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Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is a major competitor to Home Depot in the home hardware store industry. It offers low prices and excellent customer service, making it an appealing choice for consumers looking for quality home improvement products.

Ace Hardware has been able to offer customers a wide variety of items through its various stores across the country:

— It stocks over 65,000 individual items ranging from tools and lawn & garden supplies to paint and plumbing materials;

— It runs promotional discounts throughout the year that help customers save money on their purchases;

— It rewards loyal shoppers with membership programs offering special discounts at checkout.

By leveraging strengths such as these, Ace Hardware can give Lowes.com and Home Depot a run for their money when it comes to value and selection.

Moreover, by incorporating innovative technology into its operations, it can improve efficiency while providing customers with an even better shopping experience!


Lowes.com, owned and operated by Lowes Companies Inc., is a major competitor in the home improvement industry.

With an expansive product category featuring competitive advantages like prices and installation services for everything from home hardware to appliances, it’s no wonder that customers turn to them when looking for quality products at great value.

From DIY projects to full-scale renovations, Lowes offers solutions to meet all needs – both large and small. Plus, with helpful online tools like their virtual room designer and project calculators, customers can take their dream projects from concept to completion without ever leaving the comfort of their homes!


When it comes to home improvement, Amazon is the undisputed king of the hill! Boasting an unparalleled customer service experience and a rapidly expanding market share in smart home technology, Amazon has become an unstoppable force.

With revenues that skyrocket each year and physical stores opening up even faster across the globe, they are truly on their way to becoming one of the biggest companies in history.

It’s no wonder why they have taken such a large chunk out of Home Depot’s business – there simply isn’t any competition that can compare!


Menards is a direct competitor to Home Depot. It was founded in 1960 and is now one of the largest privately owned companies in the United States.

The company operates more than 300 stores across 14 states, selling building materials such as lumber and hardware products. They are also listed on the New York Stock Exchange and are part of Mohawk Industries.

Compared with their larger rival, where Home Depot employees typically have higher wages, Menards offers lower prices due to their low overhead costs.

This makes them an attractive option for consumers who want quality home improvement items without breaking the bank. As a result, it has become increasingly popular among DIYers who may not be able to afford Home Depot’s employee-level pricing.

In light of this growing competition between these two long-time rivals, customers will benefit greatly by having access to both options when looking for the right home improvement products.

True Value

True Value is a home improvement retailer that has been around since 1948. With over 4,000 stores in 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, it offers customers a wide selection of similar products to Home Depot stores at low prices across North Carolina, North America, and beyond.

Its offerings include everything from tools and hardware to paint, plumbing supplies, and more. True Value also provides an online shopping platform for convenience and efficiency.

The company prides itself on its wide selection of brands & products, easy access through its store locator, and competitive pricing structure. These three attributes make True Value stand out as one of Home Depot’s main competitors in terms of quality home improvements.

Taking into account these advantages, shoppers can be sure they are getting reliable materials at competitive prices when choosing True Value as their go-to home improvement retailer!


Build.com is a Home Depot competitor, competing with the likes of Best Buy, True Value, Williams Sonoma, and Ace Hardware for customers’ wallets.

This company offers an expansive selection of home improvement products from thousands of brands and provides helpful customer service agents that are available to answer any questions you have.

Build also has robust online services such as product comparison tools and easy-to-navigate categories that make it easier than ever to shop online.

What sets this home depot competitor apart is its commitment to providing quality products at competitive prices without compromising on customer care or satisfaction.

As a result, when shopping for home improvement goods, Build should definitely be taken into consideration alongside other competitors like Home Depot/HD Supply.

Harbor Freight

Like a race car roaring off the starting line, Harbor Freight is without a doubt Home Depot’s biggest competitor when it comes to home improvement stores. They offer lower prices on similar items while providing quality customer service at every store location across the country.

Harbor Freight has been able to establish itself due to its ability to differentiate from Home Depot by offering more affordable options:

  1. A wide variety of brands
  2. Free shipping offers
  3. An expansive selection of tools and materials
  4. Discounts for regular customers who sign up for special memberships

These attributes provide Harbor Freight with a competitive edge against Home Depot giving them a foothold in this competitive market space.

As both companies continue to grow, only time will tell which retailer prevails in this battle for consumer dollars in the home improvement arena.

For now, we can sit back and watch how these two titans of retailing compete against each other as they strive for dominance in their respective markets.


Just like a butterfly spreading its wings, Target Corporation has emerged to rival Home Depot in the competitive home improvement market.

The company is known for providing its customers with unbeatable customer service and low prices that are competitively priced compared to other retailers such as Lowe’s or Ace Hardware stores.

Target offers everything from tools, home hardware supplies, electrical items, and paint – all at incredibly low prices.

Furthermore, they also have an impressive range of services including free consultations with experts on anything related to home repair and DIY projects.

Customers can also take advantage of their online order tracking feature which allows them to keep tabs on their purchase before it arrives at the store.

Plus, they offer same-day delivery in select cities across the US so you never have to wait too long for your goods!

From top-notch customer service to convenient shopping experiences, Target certainly provides a comprehensive solution for those looking for high-quality yet affordable solutions when it comes to home repairs and improvements!

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is a powerful home depot competitor, offering customers innovative solutions to their home improvement needs. Their stores are stocked with everything from tools and materials to kitchen appliances, furniture, and even garden supplies.

They have an impressive range of products that can help you get the job done quickly and easily. Plus, they offer helpful advice when it comes to tackling any difficult projects.

With Leroy Merlin on your side, transforming your dream home into reality has never been easier! Thanks to its wide selection of quality products and reliable customer service, Leroy Merlin is an ideal choice for those looking for convenience and value in their home renovation ventures!

In conclusion, Home Depot has a variety of competitors that vary in size and offerings.

From large retail stores such as Walmart to more specialized outlets like Ace Hardware, there are plenty of options for shoppers seeking DIY supplies or home improvement products. With so many choices available, it can be hard to know where to start.

Whichever option you go with, we wish you luck in finding everything needed for your next home improvement project!

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