how many followers on tiktok to make money

How Many Followers On TikTok To Make Money? [EXPLAINED]

In social media – followers — are like bread & butter for any creator. They are the most crucial thing if you want to make money through any social media. 

However, how many followers do you exactly need to make money on TikTok? Find out about this in this article. 

How Many Followers On TikTok To Make Money?

There is no exact answer to this question. The number of followers you need to make on TikTok is dependent on a lot of factors. Generally, the larger the following, you can earn better. 

Other than followers, engagement, watch time, and views also play a major role to make money from TikTok.

If you want to be eligible for TikTok’s Creator Fund, you need a minimum of 10000 followers and at least a minimum of 100000 views, in the last 30 days. 

A lot of TikTok users generate money through brand deals and sponsored posts. There the following count matters a lot. 

However, even creators with less than 10000 followers can make money. Brands even opt for micro-influencers who have followers of less than 10000. 

Brands are looking for engagement, loyalty, and views – so these small creators usually have an engaged or niche audience and therefore end up making money on TikTok. 

However, to generate a massive level of income, you need followers in millions. Building a following on TikTok or any other social media platform requires consistent efforts, creativity, and time. 

Ways To Make Money On TikTok

There are several ways to make money on TikTok. Let’s discover all the ways that help users to make money.

Brand Deals & Partnerships

One of the most profitable ways to earn income is through brand deals and sponsored content. 

Once you start building yourself on TikTok, brands, and businesses will reach out to you to endorse their product or services. 

It is not essential that you need a million followers, brands even reach out to micro-influencers who have a loyal & niche audience. 

You can even utilize TikTok Creator Marketplace to find a suitable opportunity for yourself. If you are not yet eligible for it then start writing cold emails to brands. You just need good copywriting skills. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the very old ways to make money online. Therefore, if you have built an audience on TikTok, it is the best platform through which you can sell affiliate links.

Brands or businesses will give you a link to their product/ service. You can either place it in your TikTok bio or in a caption. 

You just need to ask your followers to click on that link and buy their services. Every time someone clicks on the affiliate link, you will earn a commission. 

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Selling Your Own Merchandise

You must have seen all the mega social media influencers must be selling some T-shirts or some other form of personalized merchandise. 

Selling your own merchandise is the most profitable way to make money online. You have an audience, you have your own platform, and selling merchandise can help you to strengthen your personal brand.

Think about what products you can sell. It should resonate with your audience, niche, and most importantly with yourself. If you are into beauty and fashion, you can launch your own clothing line or a makeup line. 

It takes a lot of effort to switch from an influencer to an entrepreneur but if you think, you have those qualities inside you where you can utilize your platform to sell something of your own – do ahead and do it. 

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Virtual Gifts

You can earn money by collecting virtual gifts. TikTok has a unique feature where other users can send you virtual gifts when you are live streaming. 

TikTok users need to buy these gifts with their real money. They can send gifts to their favorite creators. It is a good way to appreciate a creator.

If you earn virtual gifts, you can convert them into diamonds and encash them. They have a value of almost five cents ($0.05). 

Also, please note that TikTok takes a 50% commission from your earnings, the remaining 50% you can directly encash them. 

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TikTok Creator Fund 

One of the most straightforward ways to make money on Tiktok is through the TikTok Creator Fund. 

To be eligible for TikTok Creator Fund, there are certain requirements:

• You need to have more than 10000 followers.

• You need to have at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days. 

• You need to be 18 and above. 

• You need to follow all the community guidelines & Terms of Service

• You need to be located in US, UK, Italy, Germany or France

• You need to have a TikTok Pro Account

This fund was started by TikTok in 2020 to encourage creativity and honor creators. If you are eligible for this fund, you will receive $0.30 to $0.40 for every 1000 views or $30 to $30 for every million views.

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TikTok Creator Marketplace

TikTok Creator Marketplace is a great platform that helps brands as well as creators to find each other.

It is basically a collaborative platform where it creates a space for creators to highlight their work and helps them to get brand deals. 

At the same time, it helps brands choose the right influencer for their campaigns. TikTok Creator Marketplace even gives analytical tools to brands to understand a creator’s popularity, audience, engagement, etc. 

Therefore, if you are a creator who is looking to work with brands, TikTok Creator Marketplace is a great platform to start. 

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How To Increase Your Followers On TikTok?

You cannot gain followers instantly. It requires consistency, hard work, and creativity to gain a following on TikTok. 

Here are a few strategies through which you can build the following:

Know Your Target Audience

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to understand your target audience. 

Research about them, their content consumption patterns, and their likes and dislikes. Study their social media habits. You should know your audience well. 

Once you thoroughly understand your target audience, making content becomes easier. It sort of provides you with a perspective and that helps to increase your following. 

Your goal should be to understand your followers and make content that either entertains them or brings some kind of value to them.

Create Content Consistently

Your following will only grow if you upload content on TikTok regularly. Slowly as you start uploading content consistently, more and more people will be able to discover you. 

If you just upload two videos in 3 weeks, don’t expect your Tiktok to grow. If you want to have a good following, you will have to upload one content piece every day.

Shoot some content at once and schedule it through different social media scheduling apps.

Always have a bank of content ideas ready. Prepare at least one month’s content before coming on TikTok.

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Use Hashtags

We can’t stress enough, use hashtags in every post that you upload. Through hashtags, people with similar interests can discover your content and in turn, follow you. 

However, do not put too many hashtags under one post. Research the hashtags that are relevant to your niche. Add a few trending hashtags as well. 

Hashtags will help your content to be even seen on the ‘For You’ page through which your views can increase and therefore your following can also grow. 

Collaborate With Other Influencers

You need to network with other creators and influencers from your niche and collaborate with them. 

Networking is a tricky game for some people but once you understand how to do it, it will go a long way. 

Attend & meet different creators in your city, go to events, and talk to creators from your niche. You can even simply just send them a wholesome DM. 

Collaborating with someone will benefit both of you equally. You both will get a wide reach and new followers.

You can meet in person or even just make a TikTok duet or switch. Make sure you are collaborating with creators who are relevant to your target audience. 

Reply To Your Comments & DMs

If you have a certain following on TikTok, even if it is 1000 followers, engage with them. Reply to their comments, and DMs and appreciate them.

These people are taking out their time to comment on your video or DM you, so just be polite and appreciate their efforts.

The more connected you are with your followers, the more followers you will build. They will ask their friends and relatives to follow you. 

You can even do giveaways or some activities to engage closely with your followers. Try to even take their feedback and incorporate it into your content.

Post Content At Right Times 

You need to be smart about when you upload your content. You should upload the content at a time when the app has a high active user rate. 

If you upload it at the right time, more users will be able to discover and engage with your content and that will help you to gain a new set of followers. 

Have a social media scheduling tool and upload it at the right time. 

Promote Your Content On Other Social Media Apps

You should promote your TikTok content on other social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. 

Cross-promoting your content can help you to get followers from one social media platform to another. 

You should know which other social media platforms are used by your target audience. For example, as of now YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels have become popular social media platforms. 

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