how much is a lion worth on tiktok

How Much Is A Lion Worth On TikTok In 2023?

TikTok’s Live Gifting feature isn’t just about sending fun animations. Rather, each of these gifts comes with a significant price in terms of TikTok coins, reflecting the level of appreciation and support they represent. One of the most popular and expensive gifts is TikTok Lion.

How Much Is A Lion Worth On TikTok?

A Lion on TikTok is worth a whopping 29,999 virtual coins, which translates to about $400 USD. This makes it one of the most expensive gifts on the platform, a true symbol of lavish support. 

Rarely seen due to its high cost, the Lion is a grand gesture, typically reserved for the most admired creators on TikTok Live.

When someone sends a Lion, it’s not just a gift; it’s a statement. The animation of a lion roaring powerfully towards the audience is a striking way to grab a creator’s attention. 

It’s a visual spectacle, representing admiration and significant monetary support. With such a hefty price tag, sending a Lion is a move often associated with either affluence or an unreserved display of generosity.

The Lion, standing as the second most expensive TikTok gift, is outdone only by the TikTok Universe, priced at 34,999 coins (around $500). However, the rarity of the Lion, coupled with its dramatic presentation, ensures it holds a unique place in the hierarchy of TikTok gifts. 

List Of Most Expensive Gifts On TikTok

  1. TikTok Universe: 34,999 coins

The TikTok Universe is the most expensive gift on the platform. It features a stunning visual animation of the universe, symbolizing a grand and universal appreciation for the content creator. This gift is not just a token of support but a lavish display of admiration, often used to celebrate significant achievements or milestones of a creator.

  1.  Lion: 29,999 coins

The Lion is a symbol of strength and majesty. When sent as a gift, it features an animation of a lion roaring, a powerful gesture of respect and admiration. Its high cost makes it a rare but highly valued gift, signifying a deep level of support and appreciation for the recipient.

  1. Rocket: 20,000 coins

The Rocket gift is a symbol of soaring success. It’s an encouraging sign to content creators, implying that their content is ‘taking off’ or achieving great heights. The animation often features a rocket launch, which can be seen as a metaphor for rapid growth or popularity.

  1. Planet: 15,000 coins

The Planet gift represents appreciation. It’s a way to tell creators that their content is world-class or has a global impact. The gift usually features a visually appealing animation of a planet, symbolizing the vast and far-reaching influence of the creator’s work.

  1. Interstellar: 10,000 coins

The Interstellar gift used to signify groundbreaking content that is innovative or beyond the ordinary. The animation may include elements like stars or galaxies, suggesting that the creator’s work is out of this world.

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How To Buy & Send TikTok Gifts?

First, you’ll need TikTok coins, the currency used for purchasing gifts. To buy coins, open your TikTok app and go to your profile. There, you’ll find a ‘Balance’ section in the settings menu. Click on it, and you’ll see various options for buying coins. 

The packages range in price, allowing you to choose how much you want to spend. Remember, these coins are bought with real money, so choose a package that suits your budget.

  • 100 coins – approximately $1.29 USD
  • 500 coins – approximately $6.49 USD
  • 1000 coins – approximately $12.99 USD
  • 2000 coins – approximately $25.99 USD
  • 5000 coins – approximately $64.99 USD
  • 10000 coins – approximately $129.99 USD

Once you have coins, it’s time to send a gift. This can only be done during a live stream. So, find a creator you like who is live streaming, and tap on the ‘Gift’ button. 

A display of various gifts, each with its own coin cost, will appear. Scroll through these options and pick the one you want to send.

After selecting a gift, just tap on it, and voilà, you’ve sent a gift! The creator will see your gift pop up on their screen, and your username will likely get a shoutout. It’s a direct way to interact with creators and show your appreciation for their content.

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How Can You Make Money Through TikTok Live Gifting Feature?

Making money through TikTok’s Live Gifting feature is a good prospect for content creators. This feature allows viewers to show their appreciation for a creator’s work by sending virtual gifts, which can be converted into real earnings. Here’s how it unfolds.

First, understand the basics: TikTok users buy virtual coins with real money. These coins are then used to purchase various virtual gifts. 

When a viewer enjoys a live stream, they can send these gifts as a token of their appreciation. The creator, in turn, receives a portion of the gift’s value in the form of digital diamonds, which can be cashed out.

Success in earning through this feature heavily relies on the creator’s ability to engage their audience. The key is to produce content that not only attracts viewers but also encourages them to participate actively. This could be through interactive sessions, Q&As, showcasing unique talents, or simply creating a relatable and enjoyable live experience.

The process of converting gifts into money involves accumulating enough digital diamonds. Once a certain threshold is reached, these diamonds can be converted into real currency. TikTok has set rates for these conversions, enabling creators to withdraw their earnings.

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How To Encash TikTok Gifts?

First, understand that gifts received during live streams are converted into diamonds in your TikTok account. These diamonds are essentially your earnings. The more gifts you receive, the more diamonds you accumulate. It’s a system that rewards engaging and popular content.

To start the encashment process, you’ll need to access your TikTok profile. There, you’ll find a balance section showing your diamond count. This section provides a clear view of your earnings from the gifts you’ve received. 

Keep in mind, TikTok sets a minimum threshold of diamonds that you must reach before you can withdraw cash.

The threshold for cashing out diamonds on TikTok was set at a minimum of $100. This means that a TikTok creator needs to accumulate enough diamonds in their account that are equivalent to at least $100 before they can initiate a withdrawal.

TikTok allows you to transfer your earnings to a linked PayPal account or other accepted payment methods. 

The process is straightforward: select the amount you wish to withdraw and confirm the transaction. Please note that, TikTok might charge a small processing fee, and the conversion rate from diamonds to cash is determined by the platform.

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