How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed?

How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed?

Most business ventures have their own risks associated with them. Online business ventures come with one such risk of scammers. With a low investment and high reward mechanism like selling feet pics online, it comes with a lot of risks of scam and data theft.

Below, we will be elaborating on how to protect yourself from being scammed.

Only Use An Formal and Reputable Platform

Selling feet pics online could get risky as there are a lot of scammers that can really affect your dealings and sometimes even steal your data to sell it as their own.

It is always a good option to work with a reputable platform to sell feet pics online. Platforms like onlyfans, feetfinder, funwithfeet etc., have their own set of security measures, which when followed reduce the risk of being scammed drastically. 

Besides the platform mentioned above, payment methods like Visa and Paypal also offer a lot of security measures to ensure a safe payment mechanism. This is due to the fact that scammers may insist on using a payment mechanism that the seller is not comfortable with.

In such cases, it is always better to walk away from deals that look shady than feel sorry later.

Set Terms & Conditions

Set the terms and conditions clearly before you even start discussing the sale. It is better if the terms and conditions have no loophole that the scammers can use for their scam.

The payment terms should be very clear along with the privacy policy. Privacy policy should ensure that both the seller and buyer could do the deal anonymously.

Payment terms normally include returns and cancellations but this is a trivial case where an image once shared cannot be returned,since the buyer can have saved copies. The rules have to be very specific to ensure that you do not lose all rights to your images and they can be resold by the current buyer.

The term that image will only be shared after the payment is made, which will be elaborated on later, is also a part of this section.

Only Sell Your Pictures After Receiving The Payment

A lot of scammers will try to coax you into sharing your pic before payment. The whole premise of paying after seeing should never be believed and it will always end up in disappointment.

Sellers should not share any feet pics, even demo feet pics without payment upfront. Terms and conditions should clear that out beforehand.

Always feel free to walk away from a deal that looks and feels shady. There is no obligation to close all deals, sometimes ignorance is the best option.

The other mechanism the scammers could use is showing fake screenshots of money transfers. Sellers should be aware of such tricks and should not share their picture until they can see the money transferred into their account

Use Business Bank Account

Business accounts come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. We are going to focus on the advantages for now.

A business account in a reputed payment platform helps to give you an added level of security. It will also help to keep the business and personal finances separate. Furthermore tax calculations, profits etc., are also easy to calculate.This will help to stay focused and organised in the long run.

When a scammer sends you money and tries to reverse it, a business account does not allow such a transaction without your permission. If there is a legal complaint, it can be dealt with in a different manner but for any reversals, business accounts have an added layer of protection.

Use Watermark On Your Images

Watermarks are subtle logos or text that ensure that another person cannot steal art, images or any other visual element from the original creator. It cannot be easily removed by photo editing softwares.

Inserting watermarks in the images may help to keep scammers away from stealing your work and selling them off as their own.

For demos requests and other such requests, a watermarked image helps prevent the image from being used without permission, sold without permission, replicated or printed without permission.

In short this creates a very secure environment to sell feet pics and saves it from data theft.

Avoid Falling For ‘Too Good To Be True Deals

Modern generation of scammers are extremely clever and are always working to find new ways to scam unsuspecting people. Besides the points discussed above, there are scammers who pay more than what you ask for. 

Too good a deal right? Seems like a kind hearted person?

None of the above. These are actually signs that the scammer will reach out to you so you can wire the excess money back to them somehow. Most of these cases trace back to a payment made from a stolen credit card or fake payment mechanism.

Once you send them the money and the stolen credit card amount is cancelled, you will lose the amount you returned and the amount you thought was transferred to you.

In such cases, always ask the buyer to transfer the correct amount again and then when you can see the amount was transferred to you, then and only then you should share your feet pics.

You have to be extremely careful in such cases as sometimes the scammers can even send a link to pay them back, if you click on this link you can lose all your mobile data along with other private details from your mobile apps.

Be Anonymous and Do Not Show Your Face

A very important point if you are selling feet pics online is to keep your identity anonymous. It helps to ensure that the scammers cannot find your real identity and then work towards you with more social engineering information.

Being anonymous does two things, it keeps the really obsessed people away as the nature of buying feet pics stems from a deviancy and it ensures scammers cannot find your real identity to trace out other information.

1.Always create a different identity from all your other social identities

2. Use a VPN

3. Never reveal your address

4. If you have tattoos that are visible try to cover them as it may make it easier to identify sometimes.

For customers that want to become more familiar, learn to create boundaries and say no for any interaction away from the business sense.

For Business address, use a PO box or a virtual mailbox to ensure no one can trace your address.

Best & Safe Platforms To Sell Feet Pics

There are a lot of platforms that allow users to sell feet pics online while offering a lot of features to enhance security and keep scammers out.

All these platforms have their own support teams and are very easy to setup. Once the payment mechanism is established, you’re good to go. 

We will be discussing the different options available for selling your feet pics more elaborately below.

Feet Finder

FeetFinder website is among the top platforms to sell feet pics online with their own set of securities and policies. The website has a lot of categories with each content marked specifically under the right categories.

Like all of the above platforms, any deal made on their website has to follow the rules that have been set up by the platform. Once the buyer makes the payment, they hold a very limited licence to the content they paid for.

Like many other platforms, feetfinder also charges a seller fees which can be monthly payment or annual payment.

Earlier FeetFinder was famous as Instafeet, the rebranding occurred around late 2022.


Onlyfans is a very famous online platform that became more famous during the Covid-19 pandemic when users thronged to the only fans website for their regular dose of NSFW content.

Established in 2016, OnlyFans has a huge database of sellers and buyers. The website works on subscription basis so people can only see images once they subscribe.

Clear rules on OnlyFans content state that the creator holds all rights to the content posted on OnlyFans. If a creator sells a content to a buyer, the creator still holds all rights to sale and use of the same content.

OnlyFans charges 20% fees from the sale of content on their website.

One of the top sites for selling feet pics online, has a huge array of pictures from millions of sellers worldwide.

They have filters for very specific requests and once the seller and buyer start working on a deal, custom requests can also be made.

They provide a secure environment for the business and also ensure that the conversation before sale always remains on the platform. Whatever discussion that was done outside their platform is not considered under their jurisdiction. 

Hence they advise all their sellers to keep the conversations in their platform and do not allow buyers to dictate or change the mode of conversation.


Feetify is one of the oldest sources for selling feet pics online. Like most other platforms on this list, it is very easy to create an account and set up the payment mechanism.

Feetify also claims to be the only website to give cash awards to their models daily, irrespective of anyone buying their content or not. Feetify also claims to pay 100% of all sales to the content creator.

They also have their own security features and policies that govern the sales of pictures on their platform.


If done safely and carefully, selling feet pictures online can really earn you a good side income and in some cases it could be called more than a side income.

Users need to be extra careful with any deals that they want to do online and if they follow the points specified above and act according to rules, there is nothing to worry about.

In the end it is critical to ensure your personal information and identity is kept private to ensure that you save yourself from most risks associated with this endeavor. 


Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal?

Yes, selling feet pics is legal. There are no legal risks associated with it unless the law of the land have not been followed.

Underage models and shoddy deals may put you under the illegal radar. Since, selling feet pictures is not considered adult material and the laws governing such businesses seems to be loosely defined.

Many websites operate just to allow the sale and purchase of feet pictures and they would have had a lot of trouble operating, if this was illegal.

Can You Get In Trouble For Selling Feet Pics?

Selling feet pics can be risky if you run into scammers or some very dangerous people.

Scammers can cause you a lot of harm by stealing your data, scamming you to pay them money instead of it being the other way around.

To ensure safety, ensure to follow the below rules:

• Use watermarks on your images.
• Be anonymous and use a different name than your social media handles.
• Use a VPN to avoid location detection
• Set boundaries and do not be forced into deals
• Set a business account for safer transactions and more protection

Is Selling Feet Pics on TikTok A Good Idea?

No, because TikTok does not offer any such method to sell feet pics. Although, you can advertise your pictures on tiktok and then link an account to a website/platform that allows you to sell feet pics.

For e.g. TikTok can be linked to feetify or feetfinder to drive traffic from your TikTok account to the actual marketplace.

This can drastically increase the sales since TikTok has a huge base.

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