why luxury cards hold timeless appeal

Speed and Style: Why Luxury Cars Hold Timeless Appeal

When it comes to luxury items, cars are up there with timepieces for those who value style and sophistication. Unlike watches, however, cars can offer a multitude of things, such as speed, style, and a genuine sense of status and luxury. 

From the glorious leather interiors of a classic Jaguar XJS to the sleek, almost feline lines of a classic Lamborghini, a luxury car can stand for many the pinnacle of style and achievement that they have always wanted. With so many to choose from, however, what makes them so timeless and why is the combination of style and speed so intoxicating for so many? 

Whether it’s loving Formula 1 race cars or admiring the classic cars so often seen at motor fanatic festivals, there is something about the combination of elegance and speed that transcends age and time, nationality, and culture. 

When it comes to fast, luxury cars, they often transport us into the world of James Bond-esque sophistication. As the characters immerses himself in the classic game of poker, one can’t help but picture him leaving the casino in a red Aston Martin. Be it Ford Mustang or Lotus Esprit, James Bond’s iconic cars have ingrained the love of fast luxury cars in everyday people. And even if you can’t afford to own the vehicles you admire, it’s possible to develop your passion through playing poker, watching movies, or visiting car shows. 

Viewing luxury vehicles online, buying memorabilia, all can be done easily, but since the dawn of the automobile and emergence of luxury vehicles, these bastions to style and sophistication have gradually become timeless. But what is it that has transformed what was, originally, a new way to travel and get around, a replacement for the horses, carts, and trams, into vehicles that are now often the collectors’ dream, something sometimes cared for and stored rather than even being used to drive very often?

From Practical to Pristine, Luxury Cars Drive Collector Passions

As mentioned above, the dawn of the motor vehicle and birth of the internal combustion engine was a breakthrough in technology but also in terms of transport. From the days of the wealthy owning a car as a status symbol, with few on the new roads, to the era we now live in where cars are owned by the majority, sometimes more than one car per household, and are ubiquitous in all developed nations. But though they are, to most, a means of getting from a to b, a mode of convenient and personal transport, to others, a car means luxury and speed. 

Most of us can name the brands that are considered luxury; Mercedes, BWM, Maserati, Porsche, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Audi, Lexus, among others. What distinguishes these from so many other, let’s call them standard and non-luxury vehicle are two things: speed and style. In terms of luxury, the interior of a car can be defined by how it feels, how it looks. From wood-panelled dash boards to gorgeous, real Italian leather upholstery, high class steering wheel styles to wonderful windows, many of these high-end brands consider the finesse of the interior to be their trademark. This is true of collectors too, who not only look for a name in terms of brand quality, but they also look for the defining styles that an interior deliver. 

Whether it’s a classic two-seater or a high end mid-size luxury car, the importance of a pristine interior can catapult a car up the style rankings, and further cement their role as being pristine rather than practical, that is to say, something to be admired and cared for more than driven on a daily basis. Not that a luxury car cannot be used day to day, but for collectors, they are often owned to be stored and maintained, used more infrequently. Put simply, the evolution of cars from practical to pristine collectors’ items has transformed why and how many buy and consider cars. 

Value and Worth: Are They the Same for Luxury Car Collectors? 

It has been said that the worth of something is simply not the same as its value. The question arises, therefore, about whether this maxim holds true for collectors of luxury vehicles? Be it the speed of the Porsche to the style of the Jaguar, we know that these cars have timeless appeal and are adored and worshipped by collectors and aspirational car lovers alike, but are they investments or just collections to be prized for personal enjoyment? I suspect it is a little of both. 

Some vehicles, for example, will be admired to the point that they could be extremely valuable at auction, or in the classic luxury car marketplace. Others, perhaps, will not be as valuable in monetary terms, perhaps a Maserati that is both a luxury vehicle but also driven more often by owners, even as their main daily mode of transport. It’s hard to quantify how many speedy and stylish cars fall into each of these categories as it is also about the upkeep of the luxury car by the owner, as one would expect. 

Whether collectors love a car because it may be an investment, or whether they enjoy the speed and style that only a true luxury car can deliver, the truth is that this kind of luxury has a timeless appeal. From car festivals that highlight speed and the power of an engine, to convoys of old vintage vehicles driving across the countryside for pure pleasure, there is something wonderful about these motorcars. We know cars are not everyone’s thing, but when it comes to collectors and those who love them, luxury cars will forever be admired and cherished, desired and loved. 

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