Telegram Security Breach: Securing Your Data and Privacy

Telegram Security Breach: Securing Your Data and Privacy

Telegram is a messaging app that offers conversions, public or private channels, and public or private groups. If you use Telegram to communicate with family and friends you need to be aware of potential security risks that come with using the messaging app. Security breaches can affect your online safety. In this article, we will discuss some of the potential breaches, and give suggestions on how to improve your security when using Telegram.

What is a Telegram security breach?

A security breach is when unauthorized individuals gain access to personal information, messages, etc. stored in the messenger app. A breach can happen due to vulnerabilities in the software, weak passwords, phishing attacks, and more. When a breach occurs, it can compromise your account and may even result in the theft of your identity. This is why it’s important to know about the potential security risks and what you can do to protect yourself.

What are some of the potential security risks?

 Telegram has a reputation for being secure and safe to use. It offers security features such as Secret Chat and messages that can self-destruct. The reputation of security may cause you to ask “Do hackers use telegram? Unfortunately, the messaging app isn’t 100% safe from hackers. For instance, if they gain physical access to your unlocked phone, Telegram’s security measures won’t help. 

Can you be hacked through telegram? Telegram app security includes the use of E2E encryption for messages sent in Secret Chat mode. A major concern is that your regular chats aren’t E2E encrypted by default. These chats are client-server encrypted which means Telegram has access to the keys. Both Whatsapp and Signal use E2E encryption by default. Cybercriminals may even create AI-driven bots to trick you into divulging confidential information. To stay safe from a Telegram Hack by malicious bots you need to double-check your messages, be suspicious of ones that sound urgent, and never share your passwords. 

Some other ways for security breaches to occur in Telegram include sending malware in messages and using brute force attacks. Cybercriminals often use phishing and social engineering techniques to trick users into divulging confidential information.

Can Telegram be traced? Messages on Secret Chats can’t be traced but it is possible to trace Regular Chats. Various third-party tools enable monitoring of activity on Telegram, tracking of IP addresses, etc.

Protecting against Telegram breaches

Securing your Telegram account involves using a combination of preventative measures and best practices.

Keep your Telegram app and device updated

Regular updating of your Telegram app is important. New updates often contain security patches to fix security vulnerabilities that have come to light. You can enable automatic updates to ensure the app is always up to date. Keeping your device operating system up to date will also ensure that you have the latest security features.

Enable two-step verification

By default, there is no password on your Telegram account. You input a temporary code sent to your mobile device to log in. When you enable two-step verification, you need to input a password in addition to the SMS code. This gives an extra layer of protection to your Telegram account.

●  Open Telegram and select the menu icon in the top-left corner.

●  Choose Settings and then Privacy and Security

●  Scroll down to Two-Step Verification and select it.

●  Set up a strong password and recovery email.

Make sure you keep your password in a secure place as you will need it to disable two-step verification if you lose access to your verification method. Using a password manager will help you to keep it safe.

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Make a passcode to access the app

To protect your app from unauthorized physical access, you can set up a passcode. Even if someone has physical access to your device, they won’t be able to get into your account.

To set up a passcode, go to Settings and then to the Privacy and Security tab. Scroll down until you find Passcode and Face I.D. Enable it and select Passcode Options. You can choose whether you want a four-digit code or a custom combination of letters and numbers. Enter the code twice to activate it.

Open Secret Chats for private conversations

●  Open Telegram and select the pencil icon in the bottom right corner.

●  Choose New Secret Chat instead of New Group or New Contact.

●  Select the contact with whom you want to start the Secret Chat.

Use the Screen Security feature

Telegram has a Screen Security feature that allows you to hide the content of your messages from someone taking a screenshot. This can prevent others from capturing sensitive information without your knowledge.

Enable the self-destructing media option

Telegram gives you the option to send self-destructing photos and videos. This can prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive media.

Use forwarding Restrictions

When you enable forwarding restrictions for messages, recipients can’t forward them to other users. This can help to keep your messages more secure.

Be wary of suspicious messages or links

You shouldn’t ever open messages from unknown senders or click on suspicious links. The messages may contain malware that can compromise your device. Always verify the source of messages. Is Telegram safe from hackers? It does have some anti-phishing protections but you still need to be careful about what you open or click.

Limit who can see your phone number

Your Telegram contacts can see your phone number by default. You can change this in the Privacy and Security settings. You can limit the visibility of your phone number to your contacts or make it invisible to everyone.

Regularly review and manage any connected devices

Telegram allows you to review and manage any devices connected to your account. Regularly checking the list will allow you to remove any unrecognized devices.

Disable Contact Synchronization with other apps

Contact synchronization can help you build your social network by adding people from your phone contact list to your Telegram account. However, you may not want certain phone contacts to find you on Telegram. Go to Settings>Privacy and Security and scroll down to Data Settings. Toggle the Sync Contacts tab in the Contacts section to turn it off.

Regularly clear your chat history

Routinely clearing your chat history is a good measure, especially if a chat contains private information. By opening the chat you want to clear and tapping on the 3-dot menu, you will open the Options panel. Choose the Clear History button and confirm your choice. Be sure though to see if there are some important messages in history or not. Make an assessment and only then clear the entire history.

Check your group permissions

Larger groups come with greater security risks. If you carefully manage your group permissions, you can minimize the risks of others adding people to the group. Go to Telegram and Menu to access Settings. Select Privacy and Security and scroll to Groups. Change Everybody to My Contacts.

Set your account to self-destruct

This may sound like an extreme measure but you can ensure that all your data is automatically deleted from Telegram’s servers if you ever stop using the app. It will delete it automatically after a specific period of being inactive. Go to Settings and select the Privacy and Security tab. Scroll down to find Delete My Account If Away. Clicking on it allows you to set a specific period.


Telegram is designed to offer safe communication but there are still some security concerns when using it. As with any platform, safety doesn’t only depend on in-built safety measures but how you use the app. If you adhere to steps to enhance your safety and understand the limitations of the app, you should be able to use it without major concerns. Stay informed about threats, keep your privacy settings up to date, and avoid sharing confidential information with unknown contacts. By doing so, you should be able to keep your messaging safe and secure.

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