why is my instagram explore page full of models

Why Is My Instagram Explore Page Full Of Models In 2023?

Curious about why your Instagram social media’s Explore page seems like a fashion runway, full of models and their Instagram profiles? You’re not the only one!

In this blog, we’re going to have a friendly chat about why Instagram shows us what it does, and how our own actions play a big part in it.

Let’s explore together, in simple and fun terms, how we can mix up our Instagram feed! Ready for the journey? Let’s go!

Why is My Instagram Explore Page Full Of Models?

There can be several reasons why your Instagram Explore page is full of models — you follow similar accounts on the app, you follow some hashtag that resonates with it, and you have engaged with similar content or similar posts previously, among many others.

Let’s dive into each of these pointers more in detail:

You Follow Accounts Of Models

Instagram’s Explore tab is like a personalized magazine, created just for you, based on what you like, who your Instagram followers are, and who you follow.

If you are following the Instagram accounts of fashion influencers, content creators, and models, the Instagram algorithm picks up on this and assumes you have a high level of interest in content related to models or the fashion industry.

Consequently, it curates and displays more relevant content of this nature on your Instagram Explore page, aiming to keep you engaged on the platform longer.

This algorithm-driven personalization explains why your Instagram Explore page is populated with posts or suggested posts featuring models or related posts or content.

You Watch Such Content On Regular Basis

So, you know how you often watch videos, memes, Instagram reels, and Instagram stories, or look at pictures of models on the social media platform, Instagram? The platform notices each of your engagement activities!

It’s like Instagram is trying to be your friend and remember what you like.

So, if you watch a lot of stuff about models, Instagram thinks, “Oh! This person really likes seeing models!” So, it starts showing you more and more pictures and videos of models on your Explore page.

It’s Instagram’s way of trying to show you things you like so you enjoy using the Instagram app and spend more time on it. So, your regular watching of model-related content tells Instagram to show you more of that.

Hashtags You Follow Includes Modeling

Your hashtag engagement and the hashtags you follow play a significant role in determining the content displayed on your Instagram Explore page.

If you follow hashtags that are related to modeling or associated with modeling content, Instagram’s algorithm recognizes this as an interest of yours and curates your Explore page accordingly.

It will prioritize showing you posts and accounts related to Instagram models or the modeling industry. So, following hashtags related to modeling is signaling to Instagram that you have an interest in seeing such content.

Consequently, your Instagram Explore page gets populated with images, videos, and accounts of models, reflecting your perceived preferences and interests.

In essence, the more you interact with modeling-related hashtags and content, the more Instagram will present you with similar content in your Explore feed.

How Do You Fix The Explore Page Glitch On Instagram?- 2 Ways

If you are frustrated with glitches on your Explore page showing content you’re just not into then, fret not! We’re here to dive into two simple and effective ways to fix those annoying Explore page hiccups on Instagram!

#1 — Resetting The Explore Page

Resetting the Explore feed can help resolve glitches because it essentially provides a fresh start for Instagram’s algorithm to curate content for you.

If your Explore page isn’t displaying content that aligns with your interests, or if it’s not refreshing properly, resetting can clear the existing cache and data that might be causing the issue.

After resetting, Instagram will begin anew to analyze your interactions, likes, follows, and other activities to populate your Instagram Explore feed with content that should be more in line with your actual preferences and interests.

This action can help resolve any anomalies or glitches and present you with a more accurate and varied range of Instagram posts in the Explore tab.

Keep in mind, that this might not permanently fix inherent app glitches, for which updating the app or contacting Instagram support might be necessary.

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#2 — Selecting On ‘Show Fewer Posts’ Option

Utilizing the “Show Fewer Posts Like This” option can help tailor the content on your Explore page more to your liking, thus potentially fixing perceived glitches where undesired content is displayed.

To do this the steps are pretty simple:

Step #1 — Open the Instagram app and click on the Explore button “denoted by a magnifying glass”

Step #2 — Go to the post that you don’t want to see on your Explore page

Step #3 — Click on the “3 dots” on the right-hand side of the post

Step #4 — Select “Not interested”

Step#5 – You will see a similar message flash on your screen and it’s done!

When you select this option on a post, you’re informing Instagram’s algorithm that you’re not interested in that type of content, allowing the app to refine what it shows you in the future.

Over time, this should result in a more accurately curated Explore page that better reflects your preferences and interests.

It won’t necessarily fix technical glitches in the app, but it will help in aligning the displayed content more closely with your likes and dislikes, adjusting the algorithm, and improving your overall experience with the Explore page.

If undesired content continues to appear, persistently using this feature on such posts will continue to fine-tune your content display.

Note: Apart from the 2 ways mentioned above, another super quick way to reset your explore section is to clear your search history on the Instagram app. Deleting your recent searches will refresh your whole Instagram and give you a fresh start!

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Is Instagram Explore Page Based On What You Look At?

Yes, the Instagram Explore page is indeed heavily influenced by what you look at, what posts you interact with, and your search history.

The algorithm curates this Instagram page based on your interactions, such as the posts you like, comment on, and share, the time you spend viewing specific posts or stories, as well as the accounts you follow.

By analyzing your activity, Instagram attempts to understand your preferences and interests to provide a more personalized and engaging Instagram user experience.

It then populates your Instagram Explore page with content it believes you will find appealing, which includes posts from accounts you don’t follow but are in alignment with your observed interests.

Keep in mind that it’s not only based on what you look at; it’s also influenced by how you interact with the app in various ways.

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In wrapping up, we’ve explored why your social media account on Instagram seems to be all about models! It all boils down to what you like, the kind of engagement you have on the app, and the content interact with. So, if you want a change, start liking different stuff!

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