can you see who visits your instagram page

Can You See Who Visits Your Instagram Page? [EXPLAINED]

One of the most popular and most used platforms across the globe, Instagram has over a billion active monthly users engaging with the posts, or posting stuff every day. 

While these contribute towards the interaction and interests of the posts, you would always need your Instagram profile to be appreciated or liked. 

How can you see who visits your Instagram page? Is there a way out to see who has viewed your content posted in the profile? Let’s read further to find who views your Instagram through some simple steps. 

Can You See Who Visits Your Instagram Page?

There is no direct method to check who sees your Instagram page. Instagram doesn’t have a built-in feature to make users aware of who has checked their profile. The primary reason behind this is to ensure privacy. 

The users who don’t usually post on accounts, but wish to like or check the others’ posts alone, would stop using the app if their views/likes get disclosed. This can reduce the engagement rates of apps and disrupts the business. 

Even if they don’t post, they consume the same amount of ads as the others, and if their activity becomes revealed, the chances are they will discontinue using the application. Let’s delve into the two indirect methods you can use to check whether someone views your profile on Instagram. 

Indirect Method #1: Instagram Stories

Though Instagram doesn’t let you know who has visited your profile, you can use this trick to know about this by finding out who watches your stories. To check who watches your story, follow the steps below:

  • Post Your Story on Instagram
  • Tap on your story after a while, and check the profile icons that line up at the bottom left part of the story.
  • You can see a list of Instagram users who view your story.

Indirect Method #2: Instagram Business Accounts

For the business accounts, the Instagram insights tool gives information about the total number of profile visits and helpful statistics. 

The report however does not reveal the names of the visitors. Here, though you can’t see the exact names of those who view your account, you can see the percentage and the number of profile visits you have earned for the specific period. 

Here’s how:

  • From your Instagram account, tap the main menu at the top right.
  • Go to the ‘Insights’ option and choose ‘Accounts Reached’ from the ‘Recent Highlights’.
  • You can now find ‘ Profile Visits’ in the ‘ Account Activity’ option. 

Can You See Who Checks Your Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories can help you to check whether someone checks your account. As mentioned earlier, you can post a story and find who views your story, even if they don’t interact with the content. 

The story viewers list remains accessible to you for the 24 hours where the story is live. With the information of the story viewers, you can ensure whether your account reaches the right people you intended. 

The list of viewers for your story updates automatically in real-time. In the case of a business account, you can check the performance of your Instagram stories through Insights. 

In the content tab, hit the stories subsection. From this option, you can find how the IG users spend their time watching your stories. 

Have you ever accidentally watched somebody’s IG story, but don’t want them to see that you’ve viewed it? 

Don’t worry because this data is noticeable only for 24 hours. But you can try to switch phone mode to airplane quickly after viewing the story to avoid your name appearing on the story viewed list. 

Instagram stories are the best ways to enhance visibility and trigger engagement rates. It’s an ideal tool that provides essential insights about the audience you’re reaching out to and how many, including the stats on the effectiveness of your stories. 

Posting stories regularly could be a great way to explore who views your Instagram the most. Finding this can help you also to block a user with whom you no longer wish to share your stories. To do this, you can tap on the menu right to the name of the user and choose the ‘hide story’ option. 

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Reels?

No, you cannot directly see how you viewed your reel. However, if you add your reel in your stories, you might be able to see who is viewing it. 

With insights on your Instagram reels, you can get more information about the percentage of videos watched and can go through a graph that explains the audience retention rates. Keep in mind, It does show any individual accounts. 

 If you are keen to track the method to get free views for your Instagram reels, rethink it. There are no proven secure ways to obtain free views or pay for real views. Other than trying it out using engaging content, which people will love to share.

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Can Third-Party Apps Tell You Who Visits Your Instagram Page?

Even though there are third-party apps available in the market that claim to show an Instagram viewer list. However, such apps are not at all reliable. They can use data for shady things. Be careful of your privacy online. 

You might have also seen the advertisements about the applications that assure to notify you and offer the details whenever a user watches your Instagram account. 

After the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook In 2012 the social networks have ensured strict privacy settings. 

Similar to Facebook. No third-party apps have permission to let you know who looks at or visit your Instagram profile. You also cannot find out when anybody screenshots the Instagram stories.

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How To Maintain Privacy On Instagram?

The best thing you can do to maintain privacy on the profile is to set the account to private. This means that going forward, nobody can view your stories on Photos unless you approve them. You can also adopt certain other practices. 

If you don’t want to block the person but maintain certain restrictions on the access of particular users towards the post stories or videos you make, you can:

  • Turn off likes if you wish to hide the count of likes
  • Turn off commenting if you don’t wish to have comments  for your post
  • Turn off the activity status
  • Used two-factor authentication
  • Restrict or block individual accounts
  • Restrict access to certain stories to your close friends
  • Limit access to the third-party apps
  • Disable tagging feature


As a user, you might always want to know who visited your profile or watch your posts without actually interacting with it. 

However, this social network never shows someone who visits your profile silently and you receive no notifications when they stalk your profile. 

Similarly, third-part applications can’t show who visited your account unless they engage with the content you share or post. 

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