what does yellow heart mean on snapchat

What Does Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat In 2023?

Snapchat is known because of its cute and colourful emojis and all of them have different meanings attached to them. One of the most popular emojis is yellow heart. In this article, we will explore the different emojis and their meanings.

What Does Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat?

Among the many snapchat emojis that are available to users, the most coveted one is the yellow heart. A yellow heart emoji is given to the user who is your best friend or number one best friend.

The yellow heart signifies that both of you have been consistently exchanging snaps with each other and are each other’s top friends on the app. 

If the friendship continues beyond two weeks then the heart colour changes to red.Official documentation should also be referred to as Snapchat keeps changing these emojis.

This is a mutual emoji and both people have to be each other’s number one best friends to get this emoji.

How To Get Yellow Heart On Snapchat?

Getting the yellow heart on snapchat has to be mutually done. A yellow heart can only be obtained once two people have shared the most snaps with each other. This also can only be obtained after sharing snaps daily for two weeks or more.

After getting a yellow heart if you continue your daily content sharing or snap sharing, the yellow heart gets upgraded to a different colour. 

Yellow heart means you are each other’s best friends and you can have up to 8 best friends with each having their rank but only one person can be your number one best friend. 

Can You Have the Yellow Heart On Snapchat With Multiple People?

Yellow hearts as discussed are to show that two people are each other’s best friends. 

No it is not possible to be #1 best friend with multiple people as it is only reserved for your number one best friend.

Snapchat only allows for one yellow heart emoji to be displayed at a time, indicating your closest friendship connection. 

If you have multiple friends with whom you exchange a lot of snaps, they may appear in your “Best Friends” list, but only the person you interact with the most will have the yellow heart emoji next to their name.

Meanings Of Different Snapchat Emojis

Snapchat has a very different mechanism than other prominent social media platforms. You and your contact are rewarded with different emojis for each activity or unlocking an achievement of sorts.

We are going to discuss the different snapchat emojis in detail

Heart Emojis

There are loads of heart emojis that Snapchat allows their users to get and each of these emojis represent a different meaning. 

Yellow Heart: This emoji appears next to your #1 best friend which is achieved after you frequently interact and consistently share snaps with each other. 

A person with a yellow heart emoji appears at the top of your best friends list.

Red Heart: The red heart emoji or the BFF emoji means that you have been mutual best friends for a significant time, at least 2 weeks.

The emoji actually appears if you have been each other’s #1 best friend for at least two weeks which gives you the title BFF. This is an upgrade from the yellow heart emoji and if you consistently keep sending snaps the yellow heart becomes a red heart.

Pink Heart: After the two weeks for the red heart, if you keep going and continue the friendship streak for two months, snapchat rewards you with a pink emoji which signifies Super BFF.

Two pink hearts appear next to your friends name once you have received the Super BFF emoji or the pink hearts emoji.

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Face Emojis

Looking beyond the heart emojis there are a lot of face emojis on snapchat that have very different meanings and reveal your connection to that person even if it means through someone else in your friend list.

Grimace Face: A Grimacing face smiley means that your #1 best friend is their #1 best friend but you are not each other’s best friend. This means that you both send the most snaps to the same person they do. 

This emoji is given to signify awkwardness because of the fact that you are connected through a common friend but you are not close to each other in a direct sense.

Smiley Face:Smiley emoji indicates that you are each other’s best friends but not #1 best friend. It signifies that you both connect regularly through snapchat and exchange snaps frequently.

A smiley face indicates that there is a strong connection between you and the person it appears next to.

Sunglasses Face:The sunglasses face emoji next to a person’s name signifies that you and that person share a mutual best friend. To explain more clearly, it means that you have a friend in common but you are not each other’s best friend.

In short, close association but no direct interaction or communication with each other is what the sunglasses face smiley means.

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Other Miscellaneous Emojis

Besides the major emojis mentioned above there are a few miscellaneous emojis that we will discuss below. 

Fire:A fire emoji next to a person’s name means a snapstreak. A snapstreak is created when you and another user exchange snaps for consecutive days.

A fire emoji appears when you have maintained a streak successfully by sending a snap within a 24-hour period for consecutive days. There is a number that appears next to the emoji that represents the current streak count.

Baby Face: A baby face smiley appears next to a person when you both are new friends on snapchat and are interacting for the first time. 

Baby face signifies the freshness in the new friendship and also signifies the developing stage.

One Hundred: The one hundred emoji is related to a SnapStreak milestone of 100 consecutive days. This means you have shared at least one snap with your friend daily for 100 consecutive days. 

If a day passes when you have not shared any snaps with each other, this SnapStreak is broken. 

Hourglass: When an hourglass emoji appears next to a friend it means that your snapstreak is going to end soon and you have not shared a snap with each other on that particular day.

It comes across as a warning for people who are looking to maintain a snapstreak and want to create some kind of achievement for themselves and their friends.

Birthday Cake: A birthday cake emoji appears next to a friend’s name when it’s their birthday and it also acts as a reminder for you to wish them on their special day.

This is snapchat’s way of acknowledging and celebrating their user’s special day while also acting as a reminder to other users connected to their account through snapchat.

Zodiac Emojis:  Zodiac emojis as is self explanatory displays the zodiac symbol of your friends based on their birthdate. This also helps your friends to see your astrological sign and a cake next to it represents their birthday, as mentioned above.

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In conclusion, snapchat and their creative use of emojis to show appreciation for user activity is completely different from other social media platforms. Since Snapchat focusses a lot on their users communicating regularly on their app, this comes as a breath of fresh air.

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