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What Are The Best Cybersecurity Startups? (2024 Edition!)

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Best Cybersecurity Startups 

Abnormal Security

Abnormal Security, founded in 2018 and based in San Francisco, is revolutionizing email security with its AI-driven platform. This platform stands out for its unique approach, utilizing behavioral data science to thwart socially engineered attacks. 

With a substantial $284 million in funding and a $4 billion valuation, Abnormal Security is a major player in the field. It’s impressive how they protect over 5% of the Fortune 1000, including big names like Xerox and Royal Caribbean. 

The core of their technology is an anomaly detection engine that assesses the risk of every cloud email, targeting inbound email attacks and compromised accounts. 

Plus, they offer extensive visibility into configuration drifts in various platforms like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and even communication tools like Slack and Zoom.


EclecticIQ, established in 2014 by Joep Gommers and Raymon van der Velde, is a notable force in the threat intelligence sector. 

Based in the Netherlands, this company has made significant strides with their open and adaptable cybersecurity platform, designed to help organizations stay a step ahead of evolving threats. 

Their funding journey is remarkable, having raised €47 million over four years, marking them as a well-funded cybersecurity scale-up in Europe. The acquisition of PolyLogyx in May 2020, known for its endpoint security technologies, further solidifies EclecticIQ’s position in the industry.

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HoxHunt, launched in 2016 by university friends Mika and Pyry, is redefining human risk management. From its headquarters in Espoo, Finland, HoxHunt offers a platform that transcends typical security awareness, focusing on behavior change to reduce risk measurably. 

It’s impressive how HoxHunt collaborates with global giants like Airbus and Nokia, and partners with leading cybersecurity firms such as Microsoft and Deloitte. 

Their platform automates the detection and training against phishing attacks, simulating cyberattacks to educate employees. This approach not only enhances the ability of employees to spot advanced phishing attacks but also enables operations teams to respond swiftly and efficiently.

Arctic Wolf Networks

Arctic Wolf Networks, established in 2012, has quickly become a leading force in cybersecurity, focusing on security monitoring to combat cyber threats. 

Their rise as a market leader in security operations is remarkable, characterized by a rapid expansion in both employees and customers. Arctic Wolf’s product suite, including the Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Managed Risk, and other services, are delivered through their unique Concierge Delivery Model. 

Handling over 3 trillion events per week, their capacity to collect and enrich data across various sources is impressive. Recognition like being named an IDC MarketScape Leader in 2021 and topping the CRN Security 100 List is a testament to their prowess and innovation in the field.

Menlo Security

Menlo Security, a Menlo Park-based cybersecurity startup, is dedicated to eliminating advanced malware threats. Their cloud-based Browser Security is a game-changer, effectively preventing phishing and malware attacks across all browsers and devices. 

Founded by seasoned security experts from Check Point Software and Juniper, along with academics from UC Berkeley, Menlo Security brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. 

Their approach is marked by a blend of industry veterans and innovative thinkers, all driven by the mission to revolutionize security solutions.


DataVisor, another Silicon Valley-based startup, specializes in big data security analytics for consumer websites and apps. 

Their real-time solution, powered by cloud computing, is designed to meet the demands of large enterprises. 

DataVisor’s platform stands out for its early detection capabilities and adaptive response to evolving fraud attacks. It combines machine learning, customizable workflows, and a comprehensive mix of device and behavior signals. 

Founded by two renowned experts in Internet security and backed by NEA, one of the largest venture capital firms, DataVisor is well-equipped to tackle modern security challenges.

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Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct is pioneering the use of deep learning in cybersecurity, focusing on a prevention-first strategy to combat ransomware and other malware. 

Their approach is incredibly fast, stopping threats in less than 20ms, which outpaces even the quickest ransomware. 

Originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, Deep Instinct now operates out of New York City. The appointment of Lane Bess, former CEO of Palo Alto Networks and COO of Zscaler, as CEO in September 2022, marks a significant step in the company’s growth and potential.


Claroty has a clear mission to secure the cyber-physical systems of connected organizations. They specialize in providing comprehensive visibility, protection, and threat detection across a wide range of environments, including OT, IoT, BMS, and IoMT. 

Claroty’s platform, with solutions like Claroty Edge, Secure Remote Access, and Continuous Threat Detection, showcases their commitment to robust cybersecurity. 

Their move to acquire Medigate in December 2021 further cements their position as a leading cybersecurity company in various sectors, including industrial, healthcare, and enterprise IoT.

Orca Security

Orca Security, focusing on cloud-native, agentless security and compliance, is a significant player in the cybersecurity domain. Founded in May 2021 and based in Cambridge, England, 

Orca Security specializes in providing in-depth insights for AWS, Azure, and GCP environments through their SideScanning technology. 

With nearly $630 million raised at a $1.8 billion valuation, their growth trajectory is impressive. Gil Geron, the CEO and Co-founder, leads the company with a clear vision for the future of cloud security.

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GitGuardian, founded in 2017 by Eric and Jérémy, offers a cutting-edge code security platform tailored for the DevOps generation. Their automated secrets detection and remediation platform addresses the unique challenges of modern software development and cloud operations. 

Known for their technical innovation and disruptive solutions, GitGuardian helps organizations secure their software development processes and enhances collaboration between cloud operations and security teams.


HiddenLayer, recognized by Gartner, is an AI Application Security company that specializes in securing artificial intelligence algorithms, models, and the data powering them. 

Founded in March 2022 by a team of seasoned security and AI professionals in Austin, Texas, HiddenLayer has made a significant impact in a short time. Raising $50 million in Series A funding, they’ve set a record for the largest Series A funding in the cybersecurity domain focused on AI. 

Their work in defending AI models for Fortune 100 companies across finance, government, defense, and cybersecurity sectors is particularly notable.

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SandboxAQ, an enterprise SaaS company based in Silicon Valley, California, stands at the forefront of combining AI and Quantum technology (AQ) to tackle global challenges. 

Since its inception in 2021 and subsequent emergence as an independent company in 2022, SandboxAQ has drawn on its roots from Alphabet Inc. 

Their platform encompasses a range of solutions including orchestration suites, discovery solutions, enterprise solutions, and crypto-agile frameworks. 

Additionally, SandboxAQ’s AQBioSim leverages AI and quantum technologies for simulations in life sciences and other areas. 

Their achievements include winning a U.S. government contract for military cybersecurity, with major subcontractors like Microsoft and Deloitte, and a contract with the U.S. Air Force for quantum navigation research, posing an alternative to traditional GPS systems.

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Traceable AI

Traceable AI, co-founded by Jyoti Bansal and Sanjay Nagaraj, is a leader in API security, designed to protect against advanced attacks. 

Their growth as the industry’s top API security platform is remarkable, specializing in identifying and testing APIs, evaluating risk, and stopping attacks. 

What sets Traceable AI apart is their use of machine learning to understand normal app behavior and identify deviations. With $80 million in venture capital and a valuation over $450 million, they have solidified their position in the market. 

Their strategic partnership with Silicon Valley CISO Investments (SVCI) further enhances their credibility and reach in the cybersecurity industry.

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Wiz is revolutionizing cloud security risk management with its user-friendly, affordable platform. It provides comprehensive visibility into the cloud technology stack, enhancing the cybersecurity team’s effectiveness. 

Wiz’s solution focuses on risk reduction, offering unmatched visibility, accurate prioritization, and agility for businesses. 

They also ensure automated compliance with major regulations like PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, and others. With a staggering valuation of $10 billion and $200 million in sales, Wiz’s impact and success in the cybersecurity sector are undeniable.


Island, a cybersecurity startup specializing in a secure enterprise browser, has made significant strides with over $325 million in funding and a valuation of $1.5 billion. 

Their Enterprise Browser is tailored for today’s flexible work environments, ensuring security for BYOD, remote work, and contractor access. Island goes beyond security; they also focus on enhancing workforce productivity and user experience. 

Their success is evident with over 2 million browsers sold across various industries and segments, marking a significant achievement in the cybersecurity landscape.

TRM Labs

TRM Labs, founded in 2018 and based in San Francisco, is redefining blockchain intelligence. As a next-generation company, they provide essential tools to monitor, investigate, and mitigate crypto fraud and financial crime. 

Their platform is a vital resource for digital asset compliance and risk management, earning the trust of financial institutions, cryptocurrency businesses, and government agencies. 

What makes TRM Labs stand out is their broad coverage, supporting over 70 million assets across 29 blockchains, including NFTs and DeFi protocols. Their funding achievements, totaling $150.05 million, underscore their leading role in the blockchain security sector.


Eclypsium, established in 2017 by two former Intel security engineers, is at the forefront of zero-trust supply chain risk management. 

This Portland-based company enhances supply chain security by integrating zero-trust principles in hardware, firmware, and software. 

With $50 million in funding, Eclypsium has secured contracts with the U.S. government and companies in the Forbes Global 2000. Their approach to fortifying every device within a supply chain represents a significant advancement in cybersecurity.


Verkada offers an innovative physical security platform, integrating all building and security products into a single cloud-managed system. 

Accessible from any device, anywhere, their platform is reshaping how organizations manage security. 

Founded by a team of four engineers, Verkada has grown rapidly, becoming the trusted security provider for over 2,500 organizations. 

With a valuation of $1.6 billion, their commitment to building products that protect a company’s most valuable assets – its people – is evident in their success and growth.


Isovalent is making waves in the field of cybersecurity with its eBPF-based solutions for networking, security, and observability. 

The standout product from Isovalent, Cilium, is a game-changer in cloud-native networking, security, and observability. Founded by the creators of Cilium and eBPF, Isovalent has quickly gained recognition as one of the fastest-growing companies in its sector. 

The impending acquisition by Cisco, a key investor since 2020, is a significant milestone that speaks volumes about Isovalent’s impact and potential in cybersecurity.

Noname Security

Noname Security, a Palo Alto-based startup founded in 2020, is carving a niche in the cybersecurity landscape with a focus on API security. Their platform is a comprehensive solution offering visibility, security, and control over critical business APIs. 

What sets Noname Security apart is their use of machine learning for automatic API discovery, understanding of standard behaviors, anomaly detection, and real-time threat blocking. This innovative approach positions them as a frontrunner in safeguarding modern digital infrastructures.

Chainguard, established in 2021 in San Francisco, is a dynamic player in the blockchain security domain. Their platform aims to provide extensive visibility, security, and control over blockchain transactions and smart contracts. Like Noname Security, Chainguard leverages machine learning to automatically discover and analyze blockchain activities, detect anomalies, and offer real-time protection against threats. 

This focus on blockchain security is particularly relevant given the growing importance of blockchain technology across various sectors.

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