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9 Best Fetch Rewards Hack To Try To Get Maximum Points

In this article, we will be discussing top hacks to collect more reward points as well as tips to avoid suspension of your fetch account. This article also includes some super hacks to maximize your fetch rewards.

9 Best Fetch Rewards Hacks to Try

Let’s go through some powerful Fetch Rewards Hacks that you should try so that you can save and earn money on your next purchase.

Refer A Friend

You can simply earn a lot of points if you refer Fetch Rewards to your friends and family.

You can earn $2-$10 by sharing your referral code with your friends and asking them to use it while installing the Fetch app. 

So next time, when you share your favorite memes and reels with your friends and also share your referral code to fetch some rewards.

The only thing to keep in mind while using this hack is that your friends have to use your referral code while installing or using the Fetch app.

Once your referral code is entered you both will earn bonus points on the app.

Scan and Submit Your Receipts

Another great hack is to scan and submit all of your receipts and get points on the Fetch app. Be consistent with scanning your receipts.

Don’t limit yourself to scanning just groceries receipts. Always make a point to scan your receipts while making a trip to supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants, pet stores, hardware stores, bakeries, gas stations as well as fast-food chains.

You can earn more reward points once you scan and upload your receipts from several avenues. 

Also, you can upload your receipts from the past 14 days, isn’t that the best? So, whenever you grab that cup of coffee from Starbucks near you, make sure to scan the receipt and upload it on Fetch Rewards. 

This also applies even when you go to H&M or Zara to get your summer essentials, don’t forget to scan and upload your receipts on the Fetch app.

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Use Fetch Pay Debit Card

Another great way to get more rewards with the Fetch app is to get the Fetch Pay Debit Card.

The way this works is pretty straight and simple, when you use the Fetch Pay Debit Card to make purchases on different stores and brands associated with Fetch you get 1 point for every dollar you spend. 

So, apart from scanning your receipts, just using the Fetch Pay Debit Card can strengthen your rewards game.

Be Part of More Clubs

Another amazing hack you can use is joining different clubs on the Fetch app itself. Joining clubs such as Huggies Rewards, and PepsiCo Tasty Rewards can give you more discounts, offers and benefits along with rewards from the Fetch app. 

Being part of these exclusive clubs can help you increase your fetch rewards. 

Mostly, such club memberships are free of cost or even if they levy a small fee, it’s worth it as you will end up saving and earning a lot more.

The only thing to keep in mind is to join the clubs of brands that are partnering up with Fetch. Once this is looked upon, you will be at your peak for getting rewards, discounts, offers and benefits from the Fetch as well as the brand.

Grab Ambassador Referral Points

This hack is going to give you 2000-5000 points simply for every person who joins the app with your referral. 

However, to become a Fetch Ambassador, you have to use the app regularly and post about it in the form of blogs, Instagram stories, posts and videos to introduce the Fetch app to others. 

Once your followers join the app with your referral code, you can earn points which can be converted into gift cards for your favourite brands.

Some things to keep in mind are you have to use the app regularly and promote it on your social media in any format whether by writing blogs, uploading posts or stories to maximize the reward points.

Keep An Eye on Special Offers

Another great hack is keeping a keen eye on the special offers section on the Fetch App. You will find this section on the Discover tab or page of the Fetch App.

This hack speaks for itself, Fetch app itself partners up with different brands to give you special offers on different products. 

So before purchasing any specific product, it’s wise to check if it’s on the special offer on the Fetch app. This will not only save you money by getting you bigger discounts but will also earn you rewards from the Fetch app itself.

Be a Part of Different Giveaways

The next hack is to test your luck and your patience by simply signing up for different giveaways on the Fetch app itself.

This hack is fairly simple, Fetch conducts several giveaways from time to time on various themes. 

You don’t even have to upload your receipts but you have to go through the instructions in all depth. You can earn several rewards just by participating in such giveaways. 

To double the savings here, many giveaways allow you to make multiple entries which means you can use it to your advantage to have a greater chance of winning more Fetch points.

Earn Points with Good

GoodRx is another app which can help you fetch more rewards. All you have to do is refill the prescriptions with the use of GoodRx along with Fetch Rewards.

You can earn 10,000 points with the first coupon and a further 1500 points for future refills.

GoodRx is an app which compares the price points of drugs by various US retailers. You can save your money as well as fetch rewards using this app.

Use Other Cashback Apps

Apart from Fetch, there are several other cashback apps which can give you rewards. Why not try those apps to save more money?

One of them is Swagbucks, it is a website which gives you cashback for shopping at prime retail stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot etc.

Ibotta is another great app which gives you rewards in actual dollars when you scan and upload your grocery receipts. 

There are several other apps such as Receipt Hog, Coin Out and Shopkicks to get cashback. You can use all of these cashback apps along with Fetch to maximize your rewards and save more money.

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How To Earn More Cash With Fetch?

By now, you have got to know the best hacks to fetch rewards. There are some more tips to help you get more rewards. So, let’s go over some unsaid thumb rules for maximizing the rewards on the Fetch App.

Use The Fetch App Regularly

One thing you need to do for getting more rewards is simply to use the Fetch app regularly. You have to make sure that you’re scanning and uploading all your receipts regularly. 

Don’t procrastinate and get points regularly for almost all the purchases you make. You also need to remember to check for special offers and giveaways on the app regularly. 

Once you become a regular user, you will automatically get more points fetching you more rewards.

Shop From The Brands That Are Tied With Fetch

Another thing to keep in mind is to shop from brands that are tied with Fetch. 

You don’t have to worry about your favorite brands because Fetch has partnered with almost all the top brands. Some brands include Starbucks, McDonalds, Walmart, Target, BurgerKing, etc. Even e-commerce websites like AliExpress, Amazon, Ebay etc are tied with the Fetch app.

You can scan and upload e-receipts from all your purchases from Amazon. If you can’t find them, check your mail and scan them. This simply fetches you more rewards. 

Just a simple tip to consider, if receipts are in your spam folder you won’t be able to find them easily so instead redirect them to your main folder.

In this way, you can scan and upload your all e-receipts from the past 14 days and claim rewards points from the same.

Join The App Via The Referral Code

Another great way to maximize your rewards is to install an app with a referral from your friends or your favorite influencers. This way, you as well as your friends will get several points for free.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is, only use the referral code from your friend once and don’t make multiple accounts as this might lead to the suspension of your account.

Grab Welcome Back Inactivity Points

There can be a time when you don’t use the app for scanning and uploading receipts. The time when you are traveling or just slipped your mind or you were just busy. 

Even if you haven’t used the Fetch app in a long time, we got you covered. Fetch may give you several bonus reward points to welcome you back to use their platform.

Check for these notifications on your email by subscribing to their newsletter or keep track of notifications of these Welcome Back Inactivity Points. 

These bonus reward points on Fetch can be a great way to restart fetching more rewards and save more money.

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What Activities on Fetch Can Lead to Suspension?

You should know some key things to avoid any suspension of your Fetch account. There are many reasons for shutting down Fetch accounts, this happens mostly due to fake receipts and fake referrals. Now, let’s tackle these two in depth.

Fake Accounts: Firstly, you have to strictly avoid creating any fake accounts on the Fetch app using your promo code for getting bonus reward points. 

Fake Receipts: you have to forbid yourself from submitting any receipts which are not your own. 

Using Third Party Apps To Make Receipts: You should never use any app like Fetch receipt maker to create and scan fake receipts. Also, if you upload the same receipt again and again, it will be marked as a duplication of receipts. 

Lastly, don’t make big purchases just to claim reward points to return them later. If you follow these tips, your account is far away from the suspension list.

You have to be authentic to the policy of the Fetch app and utilize it completely to your advantage. Try hacks which are legit and comply with the policy of the Fetch app.

In this manner, you will fetch more rewards and avoid your account from getting suspended.


In a nutshell, we have discussed the top, sure-shot hacks to fetch you more rewards. From referring the fetch app to your friends, scanning and uploading your receipts, using a fetch pay debit card being part of giveaways and looking for special offers.

We also discussed tips to avoid getting your fetch account suspended. Avoid creating fake profiles and fake receipts and you are on the safe list.

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