is fetch rewards dangerous

Is Fetch Rewards Dangerous? – [ANSWERED]

Fetch Rewards is an app that provides cashbacks when users upload shopping receipts from their everyday purchases in stores across the country. Fetch Rewards does not limit the stores for which it allows cashbacks.

We will discuss Fetch Rewards in more depth in the following points.

Is Fetch Rewards Dangerous?

Fetch Rewards is a highly-rated app used by many people on both Android and iOS. Both Android and iOS have strict protocols in place before allowing apps on their play stores.

Even with these standards, the app has received positive feedback regarding its security. The following points highlight its safety measures:

  1. Banking information is safe: Fetch Rewards app does not share your banking details with anyone and they are secured with software protection. The security policies of such applications are constantly updated by specialists in their team.
  2. Fetch Rewards app’s internal security measures: Fetch Rewards app has its own internal security measures which ensure that your data is safe from data theft and so are your reward points. As mentioned above, the security measures are evaluated regularly and policies are kept up to date to ensure maximum security.
  3. Sensitive information is kept private: All information related to your personal details to your payment preference are kept private. The personal details are sold to other organizations as they mention in their policy but identities are kept anonymous.

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Is Fetch Rewards Legit & Legal?

Fetch Rewards app is legitimate for sure with a huge user base and a very high reputation among cashback apps that are received from scanned bills.

Instead of old world coupons, Fetch rewards app gives digital coupons or gift cards for users to spend online.

Fetch rewards app does sell your shopping information to companies that use it for big data user analysis or companies that want to find potential trends of the current market. Some people may need to see if they are comfortable with this mechanism.

Fetch rewards app has a documented user base getting regular cashbacks. Although they are not the only application in the market, they surely are one of the most famous.

Since there are other apps that are also competing in the market, this is a legit business scheme and it is being used by a huge number of users across different mobile platforms.

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How Does Fetch Rewards Work?

Fetch Rewards works as a cashback application for mobile users. All the users of the app need to do is to take a picture/full photo of the shopping receipt of your purchase from the store within 14 days of your purchase. The below details have to be clearly visible when uploading the picture:

  • Name of the store
  • Store logo
  • Date of checkout
  • Time of checkout
  • Sum amount spent on the transaction

Every receipt uploaded gives the user some points which can be used later or transferred to your account.

There are other ways to earn points as well:

  • Referring friends: Users can refer friends to use the app and they will get some referral bonus for each referral. This can be slowly accumulated and will add up to the amount in your account.
  • Completing special offers: Fetch Rewards app also gives you a few offers to complete every now and then, users can complete these special offers to receive special rewards in the form of extra points.
  • Buying from partner stores or shopping from Fetch brand products: Users buying from partner stores and buying Fetch merchandise will get more added special bonus points in their Fetch app kitty.

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What Sort Of Information Does Fetch Rewards Collect?

Fetch Rewards uses the scanned bills to give cash back, so the details in the bill are all visible to the application and it can collect this information.

Fetch app collects the following information:

  • Information users provide: Name, Birth Date, Email Address, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Telephone Number(s), Photo you provide for your profile, and any other information the user gives.
  • For Digital Receipts Program (“eReceipts”) participants: Consumer account or email log-in credentials and any personal information that is on digital receipts.
  • Refer a Friend: Fetch collects user names and profile pictures of all the friends. Fetch rewards also collects information about the people, pages, groups, and account activity connected to how users interact with them in the Fetch app.
  • For GoodRx Participants: Fetch retrieves the following data from Good Rx participants: GoodRx Card Member ID, Transaction information, pharmacy name, zip code, and GoodRx claim savings.
  • Social Media Login: Everything on your social media profile.
  • Other User submissions that Fetch Rewards collects are below: Gender, Date of Birth, IP address, Unique device ID, App usage information, coupons associated with your account, Time, duration, and location of your App use, and Other activity logs.

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What Does Fetch Rewards Do With Your Information?

Fetch Rewards app has clearly stated in their privacy statement that the app sells user information, but the information is not tied to their name.

In other words, user data, shopping trends, and other details are sold anonymously to third parties.

This practice can be seen as a trade-off. Fetch app sells user data to various third parties that find user behavior and other analysis out of it, and in return, they compensate the user with coupons and gift cards.

If there are any bills that have very critical information, for example, the full credit card number, the user has a choice to not scan their shopping receipts.

 Since the Fetch app uses a mechanism where the camera scans the receipt and any information it sees is captured and saved, it might be a good idea to keep sensitive data hidden or skip the application completely.

Fetch does not share information like Credit card numbers, Social security numbers, banking information, and other more important data that can create trouble for the user.

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How To Ensure Your Safety On Fetch?

The Fetch app works on bonus points earned by scanning receipts, which are then used to shop more online. This kind of mechanism requires a few security protocols in place to ensure that:

  • User data is not stolen.
  • User’s account is not hacked.

To ensure that user data is not stolen, users have to ensure some part of security from their side as well. Users on the Fetch app have to be careful of emails from Fetch asking them to click on links to get bonus points in their account.

Such social engineering mechanisms could easily lure users to click on the link and in turn get their account data stolen or hacked.


Fetch Rewards app is a very famous application in a market where there are other cashback apps like Rakuten, Pogo, etc.

 Fetch app has created a niche for itself and is among the top applications that allow users to scan grocery receipts for cashbacks or bonus points.

Every application has its pros and cons, and so does Fetch, but its simple usage and clear safety policies make it a favorite among its user base.


Is It Risky If I Do Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards is completely safe to use and is a legitimate app with a very good rating on both the iOS and Android play store.

The risk factor is minimized because the Fetch app has its own security measures and rules built into the application. However, users need to ensure that they use the application carefully and do not divulge any sensitive information, such as scanning a receipt with a full credit card number, which is a strict no-no.

Does Fetch Rewards Sell Your Information?

Yes, the Fetch Rewards app sells your information to interested parties, but they do not tie your information to your personal details.

The data shared with third parties is anonymous, and the Fetch Rewards app does not share identification numbers, social identifiers, or other personal details with other companies.

The data sold is primarily used for shopping trends analysis, where companies buying this data aim to understand how to attract more customers and increase sales.

Is Fetch Worth Its Hype?

Yes, Fetch seems to be worth the hype, considering the number of active users using the application. This is also a testament to the brand loyalty and market capture Fetch has achieved.

Fetch is free to use and secure. Users who refer friends can easily earn bonus points. With a wide selection of brands available, users can easily cash out at low earning values.
While Fetch has its cons, whether it is “worth the hype” remains a subjective question.

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