how much are tiktok gifts worth

How Much Are TikTok Gifts Worth? [ANSWERED]

TikTok is one of the most famous video sharing platforms for content creators in the last decade. Through the boom in TikTok, influencers became a household name and earning money through TikTok also became a go to for youngsters.

Famous TikTok content creators have a  huge fan following and many fans really want to send live gifts to their favourite content creators.

We will be discussing the TikTok gifts tha content creators receive from their followers and how much they are worth.

How Much Are TikTok Gifts Worth For?

TikTok gifts are the gifts that are given to content creators from their followers. TikTok has multiple options for followers to send gifts to their favourite content creators.

TikTok also holds the right to change or control the exchange rights. So, if a fan or follower sends a gift, TikTok can decide how much the content creator gets and how much they can take away as exchange rate.

The table below shows the amount to be paid for said number of coins, since you need to buy coins first to buy in-app gifts using said coins.

Number of CoinsPricePrice per Coin
5$0.071.4000 ¢
70$0.991.4143 ¢
350$4.991.4257 ¢
700$9.991.4271 ¢
1,400$19.991.4279 ¢
3,500$49.991.4283 ¢
7,000$99.991.4284 ¢
17,500$249.991.4285 ¢

There are other type of gifts aptly named

Universe: TikTok universe can be brought for 34,999 coins and this can be bought for 500 USD

Lion: A TikTok lion costs 29,999 coins which can be purchased for 400 USD.

Below is the list of some of the other plans that can be brought from TikTok

NameCost in coins
Rocket/Castle fantasy20,000 coins
Planet15,000 coins
Interstellar10,000 coins
Drama Queen5,000 coins
I’m very rich1,000 coins
Concert500 coins
Rainbow puke100 coins
Sun cream50 coins
Love bang25 coins
Panda or Italian hand5 coins
TikTok logo/Rose/Ice cream cone1 coin

Tiktok gifts are converted to diamonds which the user can retrieve whenever they want. The value sent by the follower and the value received by the creator, has a 50% difference as TikTok keeps the 50% as exchange rate.

How To Send TikTok Gifts?

Sending gifts to your favourite content creators is easy, all you have to do is click on the send gifts icon next to the comments button. If you do not see a comment button, it means it is not possible to send live gifts for that user.

Gifts can be sent as diamonds which are TikTok live gifts and are half the price of a tiktok gift coin. There is an age limit to who can send gifts which is different in regions around the world and can range from 18 to 21.

If you need to purchase more points as a gift, you can go to the recharge section and buy more. This shows up in your balance and you can use it anytime you feel like.

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What Is The Most Expensive TikTok Gift?

The most expensive gift currently is the TikTok Universe, closely followed by the TikTok Lion.

The TikTok universe costs 500 USD and gives you 34,999 coins for that much money.

This is currently the most high value purchase which gets the receivers a load of trinkets and a flying animated TikTok logo that pops out and moves towards you from the screen.

TikTok Lion was once the most expensive gift that costs 400 USD and gets you 29,999 coins. The TikTok lion has an animated lion that runs sideways and the camera pans towards its face when it roars at you.

How Much is TikTok Universe Gift Worth For?

TikTok universe gift is the most expensive gift in the TikTok app currently. The TikTok universe gift costs 500 USD and it gives you 34,999 coins on the TikTok app.

You can select the gift and the receiver gets a lot of animated features with a realisation of getting a lot of TikTok coins as a gift. Creators can receive this on TikTok live stream and TikTok only allows you to get half the amount that is sent from the followers.

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How To Earn TikTok Gifts?

There are multiple ways to earn gifts from tiktok,

  1. TikTok gifts from TikTok Live streams – This feature allows your viewers to shower their appreciation and react to your videos in a live scenario. Through TikTok live gifts you can collect diamonds which can be cashed out later.

There are a few eligibility criterias required for this to work:

  1. The location you live in should have video gifts support
  2. Should be a part of TikTok creator next
  3. Must be of valid age based on your location settings
  4. Number of followers should be at least 10,0000 and account should be minimum 30 days old
  5. Public video must have been published in the last 30 days
  6. Account should not have violated any terms of agreement or community guidelines
  7. Account type has to be personal
  8. Video types should not be
    1. Duets
    2. Sponsored or promotional content
    3. Content has to adhere to community guidelines

How To Convert TikTok Gifts Into Cash?

The received gifts are converted to a specific TikTok currency called diamond. When the diamond value goes over $100, you are allowed to withdraw that money with the daily withdrawal limit set at $1000.

To get to the balance page, go to your profile and click on the menu button. Next you have to find the settings and privacy option which will reveal the Balance option, this is where the magic happens.

Each coin holds double the value of a diamond. So 1 coin is 0.5 diamonds and so on.

1000 TikTok coins on your balance will give you 500 diamonds which equates to $25 and since TikTok takes away half of it as exchange rate, you only get $12.50.

The amount withdrawn then goes into a linked paypal account.

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How Are Coins, Diamonds and Gift Points Different?

Coins are the currency in Tiktok which allow you to buy different gifts for your favourite content creators. TikTok Coins are used to purchase gift points like Lion, Galaxy, universe.

The gift points can be gifted to a content creator which can then be converted into diamonds.

Diamonds can finally be cashed out by the TikTok account owner once the value of diamonds equals $100.

The cash out is then transferred to a linked paypal account.

So, TikTok coins are the currency for followers to buy gift points, these gift points once gifted are converted to diamonds. Diamonds become the currency for the content creator who can finally cash this out as real world money.


Ideally, it is a good way to earn a side income from Tiktok but it takes a lot of effort to get to a level where there is constant flow of money.

The TikTok exchange rate set by the application also seems a little over the top. Still this can be a good source of income. Judging by the recent bans of the app in many countries, it remains to be seen what the future holds for TikTok.


How much is 1 TikTok coin worth?

The actual worth of a TikTok coin is close to 1.30 US cents. A single TikTok coin is equal to 0.5 diamonds.

The actual value of a TikTok coin also differs in each country, so you might want to check the value in your own country.

How much is a lion gift on TikTok worth?

A TikTok lion costs $400 and it is worth 29,999 TikTok coins. This can be gifted to a content creator and they will receive USD 39 (approximately).
Lion is one of the biggest gifts that can be purchased on TikTok and it is a very coveted item for most creators.

How much is 1 rose on TikTok worth?

TikTok rose is one of the cheapest gifts on the video sharing platform. A rose costs 1 coin which can be bought for 1.3 cents. This costs the same as a few other tiktok gifts like wishing bottle, ice cream cone and the TikTok logo.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria To Send And Receive Gifts On TikTok?

The eligibility criteria for sending gifts is that the location you live in should have video gifts support and the content creator must have enabled the option to receive gifts.

– To receive gifts the main criteria are
– Must be of valid age based on your location settings
– Followers should be at least 10,0000 and account should be 30 days old at least
– Last 30 days should have at least one public video published
– No violation of terms of service or community guidelines
– Account type has to be personal
– User should be a part of the TikTok creator next program.

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