why does my tiktok have 0 views

Why Does My TikTok Have 0 Views? [ANSWERED]

Your videos are getting zero views due to the following reasons: shadow ban, your video might be ‘under review’, inappropriate content, abusive language, use of VPN, copyright issues, and lastly bad internet connection. 

Shadow Ban

A user will not be even notified by TikTok and they will be banned, this type of ban is called a shadow ban. It is an unofficial name for this type of ban, 

it can be a hidden cause for getting zero views on TikTok. If your account is shadowbanned, no other user will be able to see your content and they also cannot interact with your account. 

A person whose account is shadow-banned will become invisible to other users on the platform. Other users will not be able to discover your content and therefore, when you upload new videos, you might get no views on them. 

TikTok can shadowban your account if you do not adhere to TikTok’s Community Guidelines. Also, if TikTok detects some unusual activity like spam or fake followers and likes on your account, it might shadowban your TikTok account. 


If you observe that your videos are not being displayed on the ‘For You’ page and you cannot see likes and comments on your content, that means there is a chance that your account is shadowbanned by the TikTok team.

Always go through your content and check if you are even minorly hurting some of TikTok’s Community Guidelines and delete that piece of content. Appeal to TikTok Support by writing them a mail and explaining your case. 

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Inappropriate Content

TikTok strictly prohibits users from uploading content that contains nudity, violence, and threat. It does not want to promote this kind of content on its platform. 

Keep in mind, TikTok has a young user demographic. Therefore, it wants to strictly maintain the safety of the social media platform. Even if your content is minorly inappropriate, TikTok might penalize you for it. 


Do not make sexually explicit content, and content that promotes violence and threat. We will also suggest you from making content on controversial political and religious topics. Create content that is fun, light, and creative. 

Abusive Language

TikTok will not show your videos to other users if you are using abusive language in your content. Abusive language not only includes using cuss and derogatory terms but it also extends to hate speech and content that tries to instigate violence and self-harm. 

It is not only necessary that if you use cuss words in your videos, they will get zero views but it is best to avoid using them. The abusive language is not only restricted to video content but also extends to written content in captions and stories. 


The best solution for this problem is to refrain from using cuss and swear words. Also, be mindful of not hurting anyone’s religious sentiments as it can cause violence and hate. 

If you are banned for minorly using a cuss word or some slang, write an appeal to the TikTok support team and explain to them your situation. 

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Controversial Subject

If your videos contain controversial opinions which can create hate, spread violence, or hurt someone’s religious sentiments then TikTok will not display your videos to others. It is against its community guidelines. 


Be mindful of the subjects that go into your content. If you feel your opinion or piece of content can cause hate, and violence or certain sections of society might find it disturbing, it is best to avoid making such type of content.

TikTok is fun and light-medium where people mostly come to get entertained. So, make videos that are light, funny, and entertaining. Do not spread unnecessary hate or fake news. It is best to avoid making videos on politics, religion, and videos that can defame other users. 

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New Account

TikTok’s algorithm is designed in a way that it does not trust new accounts very easily. It wants to catch fake and spam accounts from the real ones. It analyzes your account activity and then only shows your content to other users. 

So, if you create a new account and start posting content on it immediately, it will not display your content on the ‘For You’ page and therefore you will not get any views. 

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If you have created a new account on TikTok, don’t start posting videos immediately. Interact with other content posted on the platform. Follow other users, like, share, and comment on other people’s content. 

Make sure your account looks authentic. Add your profile picture and a bio. Your account should not look fake and spammy. Once you have done all this, then slowly start posting your content. 

Use Of VPN

If you are using VPN to get views from a different country’s audience, then it is not a good idea. TikTok might ban your account as it usually considers the use of VPN as suspicious activity. It might misunderstand your account as a bot or fake account.

Keep in mind that the VPN server you are using is also used by others and among those people some people might have used VPN to violate TikTok’s rules. 


The only solution to this problem is to avoid using VPN as it can definitely result in 0 views. However, If you are keen on using VPN then make a new account on another device and whenever you access that account, be on the same server. Do not use your existing account with a VPN. 

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Copyright Issues

TikTok is very strict about copyright infringement. If you use some material in your video that is even slightly copied or is of another user, TikTok’s algorithm will not display your videos to others. 

You may not have copied their video, you may just be making a reaction video on it or maybe using a relevant clip from a media channel. Even then, TikTok can shadow your account and it will not display any of your content on the ‘For You’ page.

Needless to say, if you copy someone’s content and straight-up upload it on your account, without giving them any credits whatsoever then those copied videos will also get less number of views. Moreover, TikTok can penalize such fake accounts by banning them from the platform. 


Do not use any material or clip which is copyrighted, it includes unlicensed music, clips from YouTube videos, or any other copyrighted content. You can use some other TikTokers content only in a duet, not in a standalone video of yours. 

Do not copy someone’s original content and repost it on your account. TikTok’s algorithm will come to know about your fake account. It can take strict action against such fake and spam accounts. 

Video Is ‘Under Review’

You will be notified by TikTok if your video is under review. It simply means, TikTok’s algorithm has sensed something wrong in the video and they want it to be checked by human moderators in TikTok’s team. It usually takes up to 48 hours and at times it can even take up to a week. 

Repost on TikTok usually puts a video ‘under review’ if it feels the video requires a human moderator to check the video. 


Follow all the TikTok’s Community Guidelines. The key here is to be patient and wait for a response from TikTok’s team. If you feel that your video is unnecessarily ‘under review’ and they are taking a long time to review its appeal by writing a mail to TikTok support.

Go through all your previous videos and check if they are slightly hurting TikTok’s guidelines and if possible delete that content to avoid any further trouble.

Bad Internet 

Sometimes, the video doesn’t get uploaded properly on the website because of a bad internet connection and poor network. You will not be able to see other videos on the ‘For You’ page and it will not even notify you if someone has liked your videos. 


Always check your internet connection before uploading the video If the video did not get uploaded properly because of poor internet, reupload the video. Also, clear the cache from the TikTok app as well as from your phone, and make sure your app is updated.

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