how much does your snap score go up per snap

How Much Does Your Snap Score Go Up Per Snap In 2024?

When I first started using Snapchat, I found myself puzzled by the workings of the Snap Score. There was a cloud of uncertainty and misinformation online, making it difficult to understand how much the score actually increases with each Snap. Having used Snapchat extensively and observed the patterns in my own Snap Score, I’ve decided to clear up the confusion. 

This article is a culmination of my personal experiences and observations, aimed at providing a clear, accurate explanation of how your Snap Score changes with each Snap you send or receive.

How Much Does Your Snap Score Go Up Per Snap?

Every interaction on Snapchat contributes to your Snap Score, a feature I’ve monitored closely. For every Snap you send or receive, your score goes up by one point. 

This system is straightforward, but there’s an interesting twist if you take a break from the app. After not using Snapchat for a few days, the first Snap you send when you return rewards you with six points, a bonus that seems to encourage regular use.

Sending a Snap to multiple friends increases your score even more efficiently. You gain a point for each friend you send a Snap to, and typically, you get an extra point for the Snap itself. 

So, if you send a Snap to ten friends, you can expect your Snap Score to increase by 10 to 11 points. This aspect of the scoring system makes it clear that Snapchat values social interaction, rewarding users for engaging with multiple friends at once.

What Does Snapchat Score Mean?

The Snapchat Score, or Snap Score, serves as a digital tally of your engagement and activity on the platform. 

This score is not just a random number; it’s a reflection of how actively you interact with the app, factoring in the snaps you send and receive, stories you post, and possibly other activities that Snapchat has not made public.

I’ve noticed that this score adds a layer of fun and competition to the Snapchat experience. It’s like a game where your social interactions boost your standing. The Snap Score is a clever way for Snapchat to encourage users to use the app more, turning everyday communication into a playful competition. 

It’s not just about staying connected; it’s about engaging in a way that’s uniquely Snapchat, where every snap and story is a step towards increasing your digital footprint on the platform.

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How Is Snapchat Score Calculated?

Understanding the calculation of the Snapchat Score can feel like unraveling a mystery. Snapchat uses a secretive formula that considers various actions you take on the app. From my experience and observations, it’s clear that sending and receiving snaps, posting stories, and engaging with content on the Discover page are key activities that boost your score.

However, Snapchat doesn’t just stop at these visible activities. The score also seems to be influenced by other, less obvious factors.Let’s look at them in depth:

Daily Streak

Snapstreaks, or Daily Streaks, have become a cornerstone of the Snapchat experience. They start when you and a friend exchange snaps within a 24-hour window for consecutive days. Not only do these streaks strengthen friendships, but they also play a crucial role in boosting your Snap Score. 

As the streak builds, a flame emoji and a number appear next to your friend’s name, showcasing the length of your streak. It’s a visual reminder and a badge of consistency, marking the effort put into nurturing the connection.

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Posting Stories

On the other hand, posting Stories is another significant activity that shapes your engagement on Snapchat. When you share a Story, it’s not just about broadcasting moments of your day; it’s an action that actively contributes to increasing your Snap Score. 

Your stories, whether visible to all friends or a selected audience, reflect your level of interaction with the app. This feature not only allows you to share your life in snapshots but also subtly encourages you to be an active participant in the Snapchat community, enhancing your presence through every story you post.

Discover Videos

The Discover section on Snapchat is not just a hub for entertainment and news; it’s also a subtle tool that contributes to your Snap Score. Engaging with Discover videos is more than passive watching. Each video you watch is an action that can potentially increase your score. 

Discover is crafted to offer a diverse mix of content from media partners, creators, and public figures, ensuring there’s always something new and interesting to catch your attention.

This feature cleverly integrates content consumption with user engagement. By tuning into Discover videos, you’re not just keeping up with trends or enjoying content; you’re also actively participating in the Snapchat ecosystem, which is reflected in the gradual increase of your Snap Score. 

It’s a testament to how Snapchat has intricately woven different aspects of social media engagement into a cohesive, interactive experience.

What Does Not Affect Your Snap Score?

On Snapchat, not every action influences your Snap Score. Private messages, for instance, stand apart. Despite being a core communication feature, sending private messages doesn’t have any effect on your score. This distinction emphasizes Snapchat’s focus on visual interaction through snaps and stories, rather than text-based communication.

Moreover, the integrity of the Snap Score is tightly guarded. There’s no shortcut or third-party service that can legitimately increase your score. Any attempt to manipulate the score externally is not only futile but also risky. 

Snapchat has robust systems to detect and curb such activities, and they don’t hesitate to take strict actions, including banning accounts involved in suspicious activities. This approach ensures that the Snap Score remains a true reflection of your genuine engagement on the platform.

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How To Improve Your Snapchat Score?

Start Sending Multiple Snaps

Improving your Snapchat Score can be quite straightforward if you engage actively. Starting by sending snaps is a solid approach. Each snap you send to a friend nudges your score up by a point. 

But why stop there? Sending snaps to multiple friends at once is not just about sharing moments; it’s a strategy that can potentially add more points to your score.

Open All Your Unread Snaps

Don’t overlook the snaps you receive either. Opening unread snaps is more than just catching up with what your friends are sharing. Each snap you open is acknowledged by the app and contributes to increasing your Snap Score. 

This two-way interaction, both sending and receiving snaps, is key to keeping your score on a steady climb, reflecting your active participation and engagement on the platform.

Be More Regular On Snapchat

Being consistent on Snapchat is more rewarding than you might think. Regular usage of the app is not just about staying connected; it’s a proven way to boost your Snap Score. 

The app seems to recognize and reward your daily activity. Interestingly, if you take a break and then return, Snapchat welcomes you back with a bonus increase in your score, as if it’s saying, ‘We missed you!’

Post More Stories

Don’t just limit your activity to sending and receiving snaps. Posting stories is an equally important aspect of your Snapchat journey. Regularly sharing stories is not merely about broadcasting your day or thoughts; it’s a strategic move that can significantly boost your Snap Score. 

Each story contributes to your active status on the platform, reinforcing your presence and, in turn, elevating your score. This consistent engagement through regular use and story posting is key to not just maintaining but also enhancing your standing on Snapchat.

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Find & Add More Friends On Snapchat

Expanding your social circle on Snapchat is not just about growing your friend list; it’s a strategic move that can significantly impact your Snap Score. Adding new friends and initiating snap exchanges with them opens up new avenues for interaction. Every snap sent to this growing network is a potential boost to your score.

But it’s not only about the numbers. Engaging with these new connections, maintaining snap exchanges, and ensuring your interactions are consistent contribute substantially to your Snap Score. 


What makes your Snap score go up by 2?

Understanding the nuances of how your Snap Score increases can offer insights into Snapchat’s scoring system. Each snap you send or receive typically contributes one point to your score. However, the calculation isn’t just a simple tally. Snapchat incorporates a blend of factors, including the number of snaps sent and received, stories posted, and other elements that remain under wraps.

Sending a snap to multiple users at once can lead to an interesting increase in your score. For instance, if you send a snap to ten friends, you don’t just get ten points. You get an additional point for the snap itself, making it eleven. Additionally, re-engaging with the app after a period of inactivity can give your score an unexpected boost. These elements together make the scoring system a dynamic reflection of your engagement with the app, revealing that it’s not just about quantity, but also about the diversity of your interactions on Snapchat.

Do Snap streaks count with chat?

Maintaining Snap streaks is an engaging part of the Snapchat experience, but it’s essential to understand what actions count towards them. Snap streaks grow when you and your friend exchange snaps directly with each other, at least once every 24 hours. 

However, it’s crucial to note that not all interactions contribute to maintaining these streaks. For instance, chatting or sending snaps to a group doesn’t count towards your Snap streaks. This distinction emphasizes the personal, one-on-one nature of maintaining a streak, reinforcing direct and consistent communication between friends.

How do I hide my Snap score?

On the topic of privacy, specifically regarding your Snap Score, Snapchat’s settings offer a degree of control. While you can’t hide your Snap Score from friends directly, there are measures you can take to manage who sees it. Your score is not visible to users who aren’t your friends. 

To safeguard your privacy from strangers, ensure your Story and location settings are set to be visible only to your friends. If you wish to conceal your score from certain individuals, you have the option to remove them from your friends list. 

Additionally, activating Ghost Mode provides an extra layer of privacy, hiding your Snap stories and score from everyone, including your friends, ensuring your Snapchat activity remains as private as you prefer.

Is a high Snap score a red flag?

A high Snap score is essentially a testament to a user’s activity level on Snapchat. It signifies frequent engagement through sending and receiving snaps. 

But it’s crucial to understand the context behind a high score. It doesn’t automatically serve as a red flag. In many cases, it simply reflects that the user enjoys the platform or has an extensive network of friends they regularly interact with.

However, perceptions vary, and for some, a high Snap score might raise eyebrows, suggesting the user is exceptionally active, perhaps even a Snapchat power user. This perspective often stems from individual preferences or concerns about the amount of time spent on the app. 

It’s important to remember that a high Snap score is just a number, and like any metric, it doesn’t reveal the complete picture. It’s the context, not just the score, that can offer a more nuanced understanding of a user’s presence on Snapchat.

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