how much money does mr beast make a day

How Much Money Does Mr Beast Make A Day, His Net Worth & Income In 2023?

One of the biggest names in the creator industry is Mr Beast. He has more than 200 million subscribers on YouTube alone. He was just a boy living in a small town of Kansas, cut to, today, he is no less than a massive star earning in millions. 

But how much does he exactly earn and from what sources? We will be discussing this in much detail. 

How Much Money Does Mr Beast Make A Day

MrBeast earns almost $100,000 daily just from his YouTube channel alone. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He’s not just a content creator; he’s a full-blown entrepreneur. 

His diverse revenue streams from merchandise, his food chain MrBeast Burger, and brand sponsorships also contribute to his daily earnings significantly.

Each video he uploads is a hit, it pulls in millions of views. These views aren’t just numbers; they translate into substantial ad revenue. With his ever-growing subscriber base, this ad revenue is a significant chunk of his daily income. 

And then there are the brand deals. Big names in various industries line up for a slice of his popularity, offering lucrative sponsorship deals. These deals are not peanuts; they add a hefty sum to his daily income.

One of his most notable brand collaborations is with Honey, a browser extension designed to find and apply coupon codes automatically. This partnership involved multiple sponsorships, with Honey prominently featured in his videos, capitalizing on his vast viewership to drive brand awareness and user adoption.

Another significant brand deal MrBeast engaged in was with Electronic Arts (EA), a leading company in the video game industry. This collaboration likely involved promoting EA’s games, leveraging MrBeast’s influence in the gaming community.

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How Much Does Mr Beast Earn Per Year

MrBeast earned (estimated) $54 million in 2021, making him one of the platform’s top earners. His annual income is a combination of several sources. His YouTube channel alone, with its massive viewership, is a significant revenue generator. Advertisements on his videos contribute a hefty portion to his yearly earnings.

Other than YouTube, MrBeast’s earnings are amplified by brand sponsorships. These partnerships, often with major brands, add a substantial sum to his annual income. 

MrBeast’s entrepreneurial ventures, such as the MrBeast Burger chain and merchandise sales, also contribute significantly to his yearly income. These businesses have expanded rapidly, not just increasing his wealth but also solidifying his status as a successful entrepreneur.

Year after year, MrBeast’s income reflects his growing influence and successful integration of content creation, marketing, and business.

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How Much Is Mr Beast Net Worth In 2023

In 2023, MrBeast has a net worth of approximately $50 million. This amount is a culmination of his diverse income sources. 

His earnings are not just from his YouTube channel; they also include revenue from his merchandise, MrBeast Burger chain, and various sponsorships and partnerships.

He is into the business and has ventures like MrBeast Burger, which has expanded rapidly across North America and Europe, contributes notably to his wealth.  

Additionally, his merchandise line, which includes a range of products from clothing to phone cases, adds to his revenue streams.

How Much Money Has Mr Beast Given Away

MrBeast, known for his generosity, has given away millions of dollars in various ways. One of his most notable giveaways involved donating $1 million in a challenge, where participants had to spend the amount within a certain time frame. 

In another remarkable instance, MrBeast bought an entire car dealership and proceeded to give away every single car for free. This act of kindness was not just about the monetary value but also about the surprise and joy it brought to the recipients.

His generosity extends to life-changing gestures as well. He purchased an entire store’s inventory to donate to homeless shelters. This gesture not only provided essential items to those in need but also raised awareness about homelessness and encouraged others to contribute to the cause.

MrBeast launched Team Trees in 2019 with a goal to plant 20 million trees by raising $20 million. This initiative gained massive support, drawing in donations from fans, other YouTubers, and even celebrities. The project’s success showcased his ability to mobilize his audience for environmental causes.

This kind of philanthropy goes beyond typical YouTube content, showing MrBeast’s commitment to making a real difference in people’s lives.

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Where Has Mr Beast Invested His Money

Tech Startup Backbone: MrBeast invested in Backbone, a tech startup that produces the Backbone One, a controller that transforms smartphones to resemble Nintendo Switch controllers. This investment reflects his interest in gaming and technology​​.

Creative Juice Financial Network: In March 2021, MrBeast partnered with Creative Juice financial network to introduce Juice Funds, a $2 million investment fund for content creators. This venture showcases his commitment to supporting the creator community and his belief in the potential of digital content creation​​.

Financial Technology Company Current: In April 2021, MrBeast became a long-term investor and partner of Current, a financial technology company. This investment indicates his interest in the fintech sector and its potential for growth​​.

Feastables: He has taken venture funding for his ancillary businesses, including $5 million to start Feastables, a line of snacks. This venture, with its successful growth, demonstrates his ability to diversify his investments into consumer goods​​.

MrBeast Burger: MrBeast has also ventured into the food industry with MrBeast Burger, a delivery-first restaurant chain. His involvement in this venture not only extends his brand but also shows his ability to explore different business sectors​.

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How Did Mr Beast Become So Successful? 

Content Creation: MrBeast’s initial content focused on gaming and reaction videos, but his creativity soon led him to explore unique ideas, like the viral video where he counted to 100,000. 

This departure from conventional content demonstrated his willingness to experiment and push the boundaries of entertainment, setting the stage for his future success.

Philanthropy: A key factor in MrBeast’s rise to fame was his integration of philanthropy into his content. By giving away significant sums of money to strangers, friends, or for charitable causes, he not only entertained his audience but also connected with them on a deeper, emotional level. 

Reinvesting Earnings for Greater Impact: MrBeast is known for reinvesting his earnings back into his channel, constantly escalating the scale and ambition of his videos. This strategy of using his income to fund larger and more elaborate projects not only captivated his audience but also ensured a cycle of growing viewership and revenue, fueling his channel’s growth.

Adapting to Audience Preferences: One of MrBeast’s strengths is his keen understanding of his audience’s preferences and trends on YouTube. He consistently adapts his content strategy to align with viewer interests, ensuring that his channel remains relevant and engaging. 

Early Beginnings Of Mr Beast

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, was born and raised in Kansas, United States. His story begins in a humble, small-town setting. From a young age, Jimmy displayed a deep interest in the internet and digital content creation, a passion that would eventually define his career.

At the tender age of 13, Jimmy started making YouTube videos.His initial videos were simple, focused on video games and commentaries on other YouTubers’ wealth. These early efforts laid the groundwork for his future success. They were not instantly popular, but they allowed him to understand the dynamics of YouTube and audience engagement.

What set Jimmy apart even in these early days was his willingness to learn and adapt. He experimented with different types of content, always seeking to understand what resonated with viewers. This  phase was crucial in developing his unique content style, which later became the hallmark of MrBeast’s brand.

As he progressed, his content evolved from simple gameplay videos to more complex and engaging content. His first viral success, a video where he counted to 100,000, was a turning point. It highlighted his understanding of the kind of content that could capture the imagination of a wide audience.


Year after year, MrBeast’s income reflects his growing influence and successful integration of content creation, marketing, and business. His ability to combine entertainment with business acumen has not only garnered him millions of followers but also translated into substantial financial success.

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