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Is Testerup Legit Or Some Scam? [ANSWERED]

If you deal with financial issues or wish to earn a side income, a side hustle can help you. Online testing platforms like Testerup claim to support you with an income against testing new digital products. Read further to know everything about Testerup, and its functions, and understand whether it’s a scam or not. 

Is Testerup Legit? 

Testerup isn’t a completely legit platform. The website claims that per test you can earn $120 and you can make hundreds of dollars. 

However, you have to spend your own money to earn some money from Testerup. Therefore, the margins you will earn would be low.

Therefore, it becomes a task to earn money on this platform. Also, you cannot encash your money until you have collected $70.

The missions include hitting designated game levels within the specified time. This demands in-app purchases, upgrades, and earning premium items.

Moreover, sometimes you may have to explore some games for weeks. Certain missions are simpler such as having to sign up for various survey websites or checking out subscriptions. 

Though this technology sounds like free money, you would not possibly reach the $70 limit unless you begin spending. 

The advertisements on the websites themselves prove to be exaggerated, especially while considering their claim of offering $120 per test. 

Even the focus groups that paid more, were in-person events that needed particular qualifications and demographics. 

It doesn’t work precisely as an appropriate user-testing site. It’s more of an online platform that includes affiliate links to various apps and games. 

To be precise, Testerup is not legitimate or worth your time, so it’s better not to waste much time with the website for a better income. 

What Is Testerup?

Founded in 2022, Testerup is an online platform based in Germany that rewards you for testing mobile games, apps, etc. 

Earlier known as Testery, it changed its name to Testerup later. 

Since the name Testery was owned by another business and Testerup had used the same, they had to change it. 

If this is your first time knowing about Testerup, it is a user-testing web-based platform and also has an app.

You needn’t necessarily download Testerup, but in certain cases, you might need a phone to complete the tasks. 

If the tasks demand downloading an app, it means you will utilize Testerup on mobile devices for downloading the app. 

How Does Testerup Work?

Here are 4 basic steps that explain how the Testerup works. 

  1. Sign Up
  2. Try out new games
  3. Get through the premium missions
  4. Earn your money
  1. Sign Up

It’s completely free to sign up for Testerup. You can either connect the Facebook account or create an account with the email address. 

It takes only about 30 seconds to create an account with Facebook. You can also sign up on their website, but to make money with the app, you need to download them for iOS or Android.

Once you are on the app, you can start testing out various apps or games to earn money.

  1. Try out new games

The whole process of earning money using Testerup begins when you download new games and finish certain tasks.

As you finish tasks, you earn money, where every offer has the maximum money you can earn upon completion.

For instance, consider one of the Testerup offers that involves downloading and playing games.

If it says you can earn $42 overall, however, to have this, you need to reach level 40 within one month after you have downloaded the game. 

Every offer has certain requirements like hitting an in-game level, earning badges, or paying more for premium content. This is the stage where Testerup starts causing problems. 

  1. Get through the premium missions

Once you complete the Testerup offers the next task would be to gradually level up the entire account. 

After completing the Testerup offers which include trying new apps and games, you need to progress into leveling up the account.

Certain offers are the ‘premium missions’ which let you become the premium tester. The advantages of being a premium tester are as follows:

  • Earning higher jobs
  • Obtaining high-paying jobs
  • Gaining exclusive jobs
  • Earning the freebies and bonus points

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  1. Earn your money

According to Testerup’s website, you can cash out the amount as soon as you earn the free PayPal money.

It takes anywhere between 48 hours to 5 business days for the payment processing to complete. 

The reality of websites paying actual money is an advantage. But, the minimum cash-out amount for Testerup is $70, which is huge in the segment of GPT sites. 

For instance, paid survey sites such as Branded Surveys need only $5 for the cash-out. Even the game apps like Rewarded Play offer you $5  rewards. 

The need for high cash out also means that the free Testerup missions are never actually going to pay you. 

One thing to note is the charging of the inactivity fee as mentioned in the terms of service of the platform.

An additional fee includes if there is no activity or login history on the account for 12 consecutive months.

You will also have the freedom to deactivate the Testerup account at any time you need.

But remember that the platform also reserves the right to delete all deactivate your account for different reasons they find it, cheating, deceptive, against the rules, VPN, etc.

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Are Testerup Reviews Legit?

As per Trustpilot, Testerup has a rating of 2.6 / 5. This is categorized in terms of poor /bad. According to Google Play, the Testerup rating counts to 3.2 / 5. 

Therefore, it can be mentioned that this platform is not that ideal, but not too bad based on this review. 

Many people have complained about the reviews on sites that are not very promising, app failure in tracking the progress of games, and the lack of communication with the app publisher.

Also, the minimum payout of $70 has made many users quit using the platform. 

Though there are certain reviews where people have stated that they have got paid, to many this sounded too unusual, letting them uninstall the platform without even trying. 

There have been many reviews that told Testerup did not respond or take action to address the support attempts, queries, and emails. 

The poor customer support has created many negative reviews for Testerup on social media.

From the above reviews, we can note that there are many bad reviews and complaints regarding using Testerup. 

Still, if you feel good to go with the platform, it’s completely your decision. 


To conclude, we would say to skip out on this platform. Since the platform doesn’t sound legit, you’re going to waste your time only playing the games and ending up earning the least. 

This is not certainly a great hour-to-earn ratio. You can make some earnings, but it costs you forever to make that $70. 

Testerup has the lowest ratings on most platforms, with hard-to-find genuine reviews and mostly suspicious activities. 

So if you look for a genuine earning platform and stay out from scams, waste of time, or money, it’s advised to skip out on Testerup. 

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