pros and cons of selling feet pics

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Selling Feet Pics? 

The current generation of social media entrepreneurs have devised new and innovative ways to generate income from online resources and tools.

Selling feet pics is one such method of generating income and it has become very common, even though it comes across as a deviant method from many psychological stand points.

Pros Of Selling Feet Pics

The pros of selling feet pics will be discussed below in much more detail. 

Easy money-making opportunity

There are a lot of easy money making opportunities and selling feet pics is also one of them. To get started, you just need a camera and clean feet. 

There is some required effort required though, to become good at clicking high quality, aesthetic looking feet pictures. 

College students who require extra pocket money or someone who is looking for a passive source of income, selling foot pictures is an easy option. 

Requires Low Investment

Selling feet pics online requires a few basic things which are not at all complicated to setup and require little to no investment.

  1. Creating an account on online platforms like feetify(may need investment sometimes),
  2. Invest in your feet hygiene like pedicure, spa,etc
  3. Having a camera or a mobile phone to click good pictures,
  4. Online bank account or paypal for money transfer.

All the above requirements are normally already available to most people. 

It would also be fair to mention that for such low investment the returns are quite high. Anyone selling feet pics can earn anywhere from $5 – $1500 with just sale of one feet pic.

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Feet Pics Have High Demand In The Fetish Industry

Feet pics have a high demand in the fetish industry. There may be a lot of foot model deals that a single picture can get you. There is a high demand for foot models for famous footwear brands.

The pictures that you click can also be sold on shutterstock, where any feet pics can be used by corporations in presentations and eventually the corporations can also approach for modelling deals.

Sometimes people can request you for certain pictures and they also pay you a premium for such picture requests. Mostly, these requests for feet pics are for a short video or a picture with a particular setting or action.

You Can Sell It To Multiple Sources

The economical aspect of selling one feet pic multiple times to different sellers is a huge plus side to selling feet pics online.

You can click once and the same picture can be bought multiple times by many users, this saves time and effort and with little investment involved, the returns always outweigh the investments.

Besides selling to multiple people, you can also sell these feet pics at different online platforms. This adds to get you a wider number of buyers.Feetify, Funwithfeet, Feetpics, Onlyfans etc. 

You Can Build A Loyal Following

Social media endeavours come with their own group of followers and fans. With regular posts and a niche  audience, it is easy to get a loyal fan following.

With the larger number of people, a premium subscription service can also be initiated knowing that the loyal followers will be ready to buy the subscription service.

Cons Of Selling Feet Pics

With the pros of feet pic out of the way we are moving on to the cons of selling feet pics online. There are obvious downsides to this mechanism and we will discuss them more deeply in the next few sections.

You Can Encounter A Lot Of Scammers

The online marketplace is an easy operating platform for scammers. You can lose your pictures, not get paid, lose rights to your own pics etc.

Scammers can target your pictures and if they are not watermarked, they can easily save them and sell them as their own. This will obviously take a chunk out of your profits.

These scammers can also steal your identities and scam your followers which may result in losing your loyal following.

To ensure such things do not happen you have to take precautions like ensuring that the payment is done before the pics are sent, having a very tight terms and conditions document and ensuring you watermark all your pics.

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You Cannot Control The Distribution Of Your Pictures

Once your picture has been sold, you cannot control what the user can do with them. They can post it on an adult website or other unsafe places. 

Many people are uncomfortable about seeing their pictures end up in places they did not expect them to. This is a part and parcel of modern money making mechanisms like only fans where premium content ends up at sites like reddit and telegram groups. 

This cannot be controlled as different people can buy your content from around the world, which are governed by separate rules.

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Unstable Source Of Income

While it might look very lucrative at the outset but for many people, selling feet pics online is just a side hustle and not the main one.

It is a very unpredictable landscape where demand justifies how much you earn. Sometimes your pictures may not sell at all for a while. There are dry spells when you do not get anything out of your content.

This is also a very low income option for anonymous users. If you intend to stay anonymous, many followers may lose interest and move on to more famous users who have a recognizable identity online

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Not A Respectable Job

This is not considered a very traditional job or money making mechanism by all counts. There are chances that friends and family members look down upon you if they find that you are selling feet pics to unknown people for their paraphilia.

It is also not very safe to do this online as there can be situations where your follower(s)can put action to their deviancy and try to stalk you or put you in a tough situation.

As we already discussed, it is not a stable income and the bills that need to be paid may create more issues for you mentally.

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How to stay safe while selling feet pics

Sell on reputable platforms

Selling on reputable platforms allows you the added protection that these platforms offer.

Platforms such as Feetify, FeetFinder, instafeet, Fun With Feet etc offer their own modes of protection to weed out scammers.

Creating an account and selling your pictures on such platforms does not mean that you do not have your own set of rules and safety mechanisms. It is always good to trust the system but not blindly. 

Always be vary and aware of the risks and ensure that you take your decisions with lot of thought.

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Ensure to keep your distance

It is a golden rule to not get too close or emotionally attached to your followers. This might result in giving out some details that can be taken out of using social engineering.

These kinds of activities could result in identity thefts, phishing etc. It is always advisable to keep a very professional interaction with your followers and set boundaries to ensure your privacy is respected and so are your rules.

Do not accept any offer you are not comfortable accepting.

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Protect your identity/location at all costs

This is an absolute necessity, since foot pics involve a kind of paraphilia or deviancy, it is always better to keep your location out of the whole deal.

If it is fine, anonymity will pay you less but will ensure safety. Social media handle names and your handle name on the websites you sell feet pics should not match. It should not be easy to track you down and find your address

Using a VPN is also an option to ensure your location is not traced.


What To Know Before Selling Feet Pics?

Before selling feet pics you have to know the following details
What is the investment involved
– Is it safe to sell feet pics online?
– How to ensure safety and privacy
– Setup a payment mechanism
– Which websites are safe to sell your content
– Invest in a good camera
– How to take care of your feet.

Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal?

Selling feet pics is legal but it can quickly turn the other way if you are considered underage in the location that you reside in. 
You should also ensure that there is no illegal activity that runs in conjunction with this business. For e.g., a scam

Is Selling Feet Pics Safe?

Selling feet pics is not exactly safe due to the nature of the target audience involved. It is considered paraphilia and many psychologists classify this as one of the deviant behaviors.
Although it is not completely safe but there are rules that can be followed to ensure safety.
– Keep your location hidden
– Ensure anonymity, if possible
– Protect your boundaries
– Deal, only if you are comfortable

Does Selling Feet Pics Make Good Money?

Selling feet pics could be used to make a good side income but it is a gradual process.
With a loyal following, the prices can be increased and it can get you some pretty good deals.

But this is a very inconsistent money earning mechanism and may not be the best fit if this is taken up full time.

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